KFC is testing a chicken sandwich that’s a lot like Popeyes’

The new menu item is an upgrade from the fast-food chain’s Crispy Colonel chicken sandwich

KFC is testing a chicken sandwich that’s a lot like Popeyes’ 1

KFC has introduced a new version of its classic chicken sandwich in an attempt to match or beat its rival chains’ similar offerings.

Simply called KFC Chicken Sandwich, the menu item is an improved version of the fast-food chain’s current chicken sandwich offering, the Crispy Colonel. According to Andrea Zahumensky, KFC’s chief marketing officer, KFC Chicken Sandwich “boasts an upgrade of every single component,” as it includes a crispier chicken filet that is 20 percent larger, three thicker and crunchier pickles, and a buttered brioche bun, instead of a plain hamburger bun. Customers may also order the sandwich with either plain mayo or spicy mayo.

If that description sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a lot like Popeyes’ popular chicken sandwich. Arguably the sandwich-to-beat, Popeyes’ chicken sandwich also features a large and crispy chicken fillet, three pickles, and a brioche bun. It also comes with the option of either classic or spicy mayo.

KFC is testing a chicken sandwich that’s a lot like Popeyes’ 2
KFC Chicken Sandwich vs. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Though KFC’s Crispy Colonel has a lot of fans, Zahumensky admitted that it isn’t the best in the market. “We wanted a chicken sandwich that really lives up to our legacy as the fried chicken experts and, let’s face it, ours wasn’t the one to beat,” Zahumensky said in a statement. “We knew an upgrade was necessary, so we painstakingly selected each ingredient to create a bigger, better and more premium sandwich than ever.”

“I think we’ve unlocked a chicken sandwich that won’t just compete — it’ll win with fried chicken lovers everywhere,” added Zahumensky, referring to the new KFC Chicken Sandwich, which took about a year to develop.

The KFC Chicken Sandwich is currently being tested at 15 Orlando-area locations until June 21st. A solo order of the sandwich costs $3.99 while a combination meal with fries and a medium drink start at $6.99. If the test is successful, Zahumensky said the new sandwich could quickly roll out to KFC’s roughly 4,000 locations across the country.

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