KFC Chako is a taco with a fried chicken shell

This quirky mash-up snack switches the taco’s crunchy corn shell with a fried chicken fillet.

KFC Chaco

KFC has just added another crazy snack to its growing list of quirky food offerings. On May 9th, KFC Philippines introduced its latest mash-up meal called Chako.

A combination of the traditional Mexican taco and KFC’s signature finger-lickin’ good chicken, Chako switches the taco’s crunchy corn shell with a fried chicken fillet. Folded like a taco, this is then stuffed with shredded lettuce, salsa, corn, taco-spiced mayo, and lots of grated cheese.

The à la-carte option of the “no shell, all chicken” taco retails for 99 Philippine pesos ($1.89). A Chaco with fries and a drink sells for 145 Philippine pesos ($2.77), while a Chaco as a part of a Fully-Loaded meal with fried chicken and spaghetti is available for 219 Philippine pesos ($4.19).

KFC Chaco is currently only available in the Philippines and it’s unclear whether there are plans to bring it over to the U.S. and other countries.

Though there’s a slim chance for KFC Chaco to be offered in the U.S., KFC fans in the country have already had some fair share of the restaurant chain’s delightfully weird food items.

For instance, earlier this year, KFC USA teamed up with snack maker Frito Lays and came up with what they called a Cheetos Sandwich. According to KFC, its Cheetos Sandwich is “made by coating a juicy, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet with special Cheetos sauce and placing it on a toasted bun with mayo and a layer of crunchy Cheetos.”

In addition, just last year, KFC USA also began to offer the Pickle Fried Chicken and the limited-edition Chicken & Waffles.

Source: Spot.ph, Rappler