Jingle Rolls is Christmas toilet paper that sings for you

Jingle Rolls is an eco-friendly toilet paper and a singing greeting card in one

Bim Bam Boo's Christmas toilet paper Jingle Rolls

Looking for a unique gift that will definitely make your friends and family smile this holiday season? Well, look no further, as this one-of-a-kind Christmas toilet paper, called Jingle Rolls, is one of the most hilarious gift items you can give to your loved ones this Yuletide season.

What is Jingle Rolls?

Manufactured by toilet paper company Bim Bam Boo, Jingle Rolls is a fun combination of an eco-friendly holiday present and a singing greeting card all in one. Bringing a new meaning to the term toilet humor, it features six rolls of Bim Bam Boo’s increasingly popular tree-free bath tissue disguised as “caROLLers” that will serenade you with a new twist on the classic holiday tune Jingle Bells.

Santa Claus holding a box of Jingle Rolls

The toilet paper set comes packaged in a tree-shaped box that sports the musical greeting, which is activated when the box is opened. The Jingle Rolls is made of sustainable bamboo that fully regenerates in less than four years. In fact, each box of Jingle Rolls contains no plastic and saves 9 lbs. of forest from getting flushed down the toilet. Featuring a 100% carbon-neutral delivery, Jingle Rolls ships in minimal packaging — each unit ships as-is without an outer box, plastic wrapping, or bubble wrap, making it a perfect holiday present for any of your environment advocate friends or family members.

A box of Jingle Rolls

Aside from being one of the most fun, eco-friendly holiday gift items out there, Jingle Rolls is also a practical present to anyone this Christmas. Everyone can use toilet paper, so this gift item will never go to waste.

Both kids and adults will love Jingle Rolls. Children love potty humor, so they will surely giggle right after opening its box. Adults, meanwhile, can get Jingle Rolls for their white elephant gift exchanges at work or for their longtime friends as a gag.

Where to buy Jingle Rolls

This unique Christmas-themed toilet paper is available for purchase at BimBamBoomPaper.com. The 6-pack gift set costs $29.99. For more details about Jingle Rolls, visit the company’s official website.

Who sells Christmas toilet paper?

If you’re looking for the usual holiday-themed toilet paper, retailers like Walmart and Amazon are offering a wide variety of cute Christmas-themed toilet paper featuring graphics and texts related to the holiday season. A number of people are also selling personalized Christmas-themed toilet paper on Etsy.

Common Christmas toilet paper
Common Christmas-themed toilet paper

What can you make out of toilet paper rolls for Christmas?

While some toilet paper products are coreless, several toilet paper rolls still have cardboard in the center of the roll. If you have some time for some arts and crafts, you can actually use these rounded cardboards as the main material for different Christmas decorations, including Christmas tree ornaments in the shapes of snowmen, reindeer, and carolers, as well as dioramas of winter town, Santa sleigh, and even the Nativity scene.

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Source: Bim Bam Boom
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