Javicia Leslie has a heartfelt message for Batwoman fans

The actress also reveals what she’d like to see in a potential season 4 of Batwoman

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder in Batwoman

It’s been almost a month since The CW canceled Batwoman, but fans of the Arrowverse show are not giving up yet ― something that series star Javicia Leslie greatly appreciates. In addition to joining regular Twitter parties calling for HBO Max to save the program, fans have also started to put up billboards across the country as part of the #SaveBatwoman campaign.

Javicia Leslie reacts to the #SaveBatwoman campaign

In a lengthy interview with Digital Spy, Leslie gave a heartfelt message to everyone who has contributed to the #SaveBatwoman campaign.

“Just that I hear you and I see you,” said Leslie when asked what she would like to say to fans who continue to campaign for the show’s return. “What the show means, and what the character means – it’s being able to finally see yourself.”

“It’s never been done,” the actress said of Batwoman. “We have not had a female Black lead as a title for a superhero show. We just haven’t had it yet. And to top it off, she’s also gay, and I think that’s just such a beautiful combination of diversity, in a way where you’re able to really represent a vast community of people that have not been able to see themselves. So my words to those fans are: I see you. You may not have felt seen before, but because of this role, and, honestly, just because of what I’ve experienced and my own understanding and my own experience – I see you.”

While the #SaveBatwoman campaign is far from over, Leslie revealed that she will be fine with whatever the outcome is.

“If it came back, if the fans are able to bring it back, I would just be as excited to do it. And if it doesn’t come back, I would just be as excited to move onto a new character,” the 34-year-old actress said. “I’m young in this specific industry, and I have so much that I haven’t done yet. I’m never going to play any one character for my entire career. So when it’s over, it’s over, and it’s time to move on to something different. But if it’s not over, I’m also OK with playing with it for a while longer.”

Javicia Leslie reveals what she would like to see in Batwoman season 4

Leslie told Digital Spy that she would love to see more of Wildmoore, the ship name of her character Ryan Wilder and Meagan Tandy’s Sophie Moore, in a potential season 4. “I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story,” Leslie said, before adding that she would also like to see “Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus John) maybe spark something.”

Leslie is also interested in seeing what’s next for Alice/Beth (Rachel Skarsten). “Alice going off into the abyss as a person that has regained herself and her identity and, honestly, her sanity – I think it’d be beautiful to see where she is, even if she ended up back to being the same old Alice,” Leslie explained. “It’s such an interesting journey to have been able to experience. And the actress, Rachel Skarsten, has done such an amazing job playing every part of Alice and Beth.”

Batwoman ended its three-season run last March. All seasons are currently streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Digital Spy
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