Irregular Choice Care Bears collection includes outrageous furry shoes

These eye-catching footwear, bags, and coin purses are bursting with colors

If you’re a huge Care Bears fan, then this collection of wacky yet adorable shoes and bags is something you don’t want to miss out. Made by fashion brand Irregular Choice, these officially licensed merchandise items are inspired by the cute and huggable multi-colored bear characters originally created by artist Elena Kucharik for greeting cards, and later starred in their own movies and TV series. While some of the merch may be a little over-the-top for your taste, there’s no doubt that these colorful and eye-catching footwear and bags are one of the best ways to show your love for the Care Bear franchise. Check out some of the items from the collection below:

#1 Irregular Choice Care Grin & Share It Blue/Green Heels, $249.99

The right shoe is light blue and features Grumpy Bear’s face on the toes and belly badge on the heels. The left shoe, meanwhile, is adorned with Good Luck Bear’s face on the toes and belly badge on the heels. Also, the right shoe heel is shaped and painted to look like Tenderheart Bear, while the left shoe heel resembles Cheer Bear.

#2 Irregular Choice Care Bears Cute & Adorable Sneakers, $184.99

These high-top sneakers feature cord laces, slightly textured outer soles, and glittery rainbow-colored sides. The right shoe has a Cheer Bear applique, while the left shoe has a Wish Bear applique.

#3 Irregular Choice Care Bears Born to Care Platform Sneakers, $269.99

This footwear will get heads turning with its mini Wish Bear and Good Luck Bear plushies sewn to the tongues. It also features faux leather uppers with fabric lining, textured anti-skid outer soles, and LED lights that activate when walking.

#4 Irregular Choice Care Bears ‘Hugs Rule’ Shoes, $189.99

These whimsical shoes have faux leather uppers with all-over printed graphics and satin ribbon laces. The sneakers also feature appliques of Good Luck Bear and Grumpy Bear on the heels and printed graphics of Share Bear and Friend Bear on the tongues.


#5 Irregular Choice Care Bears ‘Sharing is Caring’ Flats, $179.99

If your go-to shoes are flats, then consider adding this footwear to your shopping list. Featuring faux leather uppers, fabric lining, synthetic soles, and playful printed graphics on the sides and the back, these flats are made extra cute with appliques of Share Bear and Tenderheart Bear on the toes.


#6 Irregular Choice Care Bears I Like Sleep Molded Heel Boots, $344.99

Looking for a flashy pair of boots to match your cowgirl outfit? Well, your search is over. These ankle boots feature appliqued Bedtime Bears sleeping on an embroidered rainbow on the outer sides. The footwear’s heels, meanwhile, are shaped like a crescent moon with Love-a-Lot Bear reclining in them.


#7 Irregular Choice Care Bears Sweet Dreams Crossbody Bag, $189.99

This fancy polyurethane, faux leather crossbody bag features a 16-inch tall Sweet Dreams Bear décor on the front with a back compartment measuring 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

#8 Irregular Choice Care Bears ‘Oh Happy Day’ Pink Coin Purse, $44.99

This two-sided coin purse features Cheer Bear’s charming face on one furry side and a collage of Cheer Bear and all her friends on the other. Both sides are held together with a golden zipper.


#9 Irregular Choice Care Bears Sweet Dreams Coin Purse, $39.99

Featuring the cute face of Wish Bear on one side, a vintage print of Care-A-Lot on the other, and a metal kisslock clasp to keep your coins and other essentials safe inside, this purse is a perfect gift for any Care Bears fans.

#10 Irregular Choice Care Bears Sweet Wishes Crossbody Bag, $199.99

Made with faux leather adorned with sequins and embroidery, this crossbody bag features an image of Wish Bear on the front. It also boasts a rainbow-coloured faux fur on the back of the bag, which measures 10.5 inches in diameter.

#11 Irregular Choice Care Bears Full of Cheer Pink Crossbody Bag, $179.99

Made with faux leather and faux fur, this bag features a huge graphic of Cheer Bear on the front and an all-over print of Care Bears characters on the back. It also has a long strap attached on the top that brings the total height of the entire bag to 30 inches.


#12 Irregular Choice Care Bears Hugs Blue/Green Purse, $39.99

With Bedtime Bear on one side and Good Luck Bear on the other, this charming faux leather bag is perfect for any occasion.