Infinix phones will be able to charge to 50% in just 4 minutes

Infinix introduces a 180W Thunder Charge

180W Thunder Charge
180W Thunder Charge

Move over Xiaomi and OPPO, because there’s an even faster smartphone charging technology in town.

Infinix has just unveiled its newest Thunder Charge Technology, which according to the company has the capability of delivering 180 watts of pure mobile juice to select Infinix flagship phones later this year.

What is the 180W Thunder Charge about?

With this new technology, the smartphone company claims that users can get their 4,500 mAh battery smartphones to charge up to 50% in just four minutes. Charging at these high voltage rates is often quite risky, more so when proper safety systems aren’t in place.

In the case of Infinix, the 180W Thunder Charge is equipped with a newly developed 8C battery cell (as opposed to regular phones that use batteries with a charging rate of 1 to 3C) that has a lower internal resistance compared to standard single electrode lug structures.

This 8C battery cell is equipped with a multi-electrode lug which allows the 180W Thunder Charge to reduce internal resistance by half while also ensuring that less heat is generated, effectively speeding up the charging process extensively.

Infinix also claims that its “bidirectional-power supply technology” increases the phone’s battery life by 2%, and shrinks its circuit size by 60%.

Device compatibility

Similar to other phones compatible with 100+ watts of fast charging, the 180W Thunder Charge Technology has hardware-tripped security protections for detecting performance anomalies.

The 180W Thunder Charge is equipped with twenty temperature sensors. These are distributed across different areas inside the device, to ensure that a smartphone’s temperature oil is always below 43 ℃.

If a device that is not compatible with 180W fast charging is connected to the charger, the company’s encryption chip will identify it as such. The power limit would then be adjusted down to safer fast-charging levels of about 60W or 100W.

To put users at ease, Infinix maintains that the 180W Thunder Charge Technology has received the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification.

The company has already introduced two charging modes for the 180W Thunder Charge Technology: Furious and Standard mode. Furious mode is a one-click operation, while Standard mode presumably requires more manual settings.

Infinix plans to make the 180W Thunder Charge available for upcoming Infinix flagship phones in the latter half of 2022.

Source: Infinix
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