Incase Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller suitcase review: lightweight yet tough

This lightweight luggage manages to be super tough

Incase Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller review

Bottom Line

Incase’s Novi roller is super lightweight, attractive to look at, easy to wheel, well organized, secure, and reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong with this luggage.



  • Attractive minimalist design
  • Tough yet lightweight shell
  • Smooth removable wheels
  • Integrated PSA lock


  • Gets scuffed up easily

Incase is generally known for their beautiful and generally minimalist iPhone cases and backpacks, but not too long ago they entered the luggage space. We took their Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller for a spin – literally. The Novi is seated on 4 smooth glide wheels that allow it to spin and roll along the floor easily. The wheels are also conveniently removable.

The Novi is available in several luggage sizes – 22, 27, and 31 inches. Its design is minimalist and modern with very clean lines and curves around its edges. It’s not at all flashy, but it is very attractive. It comes in a selection of 6 colors – black, white, anthracite (green), asphalt (gray), deep red and navy.

The wheels on the Novi are removable

But what we’re most impressed with is how light the Novi hardshell luggage is. The Novi is made of a “Class-A Makrolon” polycarbonate shell which offers a great balance between being tough while also being very lightweight. This means you can pack more into your check-in without worrying about going over the airline’s weight requirements.

The interior of the Novi

The inside of the Novi suitcase is lined with interior mesh pockets and there is a divider to help your stuff organized. Incase has also thrown in a laundry bag and nylon covering.

The Novi has an integrated TSA approved lock

The Novi features an Integrated TSA Approved lock which is easy to secure and open, and this is a must-have if you travel frequently.

While the Novi we tested isn’t actually “smart” luggage, Incase does make it easy to add some digital connectivity to the luggage with their Smart Luggage Tracker ($14.95) or Smart luggage lock ($24.95). Their smart luggage tracker lets you stay connected to your luggage as long as it’s within 50 feet. The tracker will set off an alarm on your phone if the Novi goes past that distance. Overall, this tracker is a super useful accessory to have when you’re traveling on a train or when you’re in a situation where you can’t keep a constant tab on where your luggage is.

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Incase Smart Luggage Tracker alerts you if your luggage strays too far away from you

Over the past month, we’ve dragged the Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller to Israel, Germany, Hungary, and around the U.S. on multiple trips. We’ve dragged its wheels along some super rough paths – including everything from uneven pavements in Budapest, to super rocky stone paths in Jerusalem. In general, we have been quite rough with the Novi luggage, yet it has managed to hold up with aplomb. Our only gripe with it is that after a couple of plane check-ins, its sides are showing some significant scruffs and scratches, however, that is to be expected when you’re dealing with a polycarbonate shell. And we do believe that this is a fair trade-off for having such a lightweight yet sturdy suitcase in your travel arsenal.

Bottom Line

The Incase Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller has everything we want from check-in luggage; It’s super lightweight, attractive to look at, easy to wheel, well organized on the inside, secure, and reasonably priced. Incase’s Novi luggage series ranges in price from $199 to $279.95.

UPDATE 8/13/22: Incase has dropped the price on the Novi Suitcase to just $$67.49! That makes the suitcase a total steal at this price. 

Incase also makes a smart carry-on version of the Novi with a built-in battery pack called the NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller.

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