How and where to get a COVID-19 antibody test nationwide

The test determines whether or not a person has developed antibodies to the novel coronavirus

How and where to get a COVID-19 antibody test nationwide 2

Not showing any symptoms of COVID-19 but perhaps you’re worried you may be a silent carrier of the virus? Or perhaps you believe that you had the virus, but you’re not certain? Do yourself a favor and take a COVID-19 antibody test. If you’ve been wondering where and how to get an antibody test done near you, we’re about to tell you how.

One of the lab testing providers that is currently offering COVID-19 antibody tests nationwide is Provided you’re a good candidate for testing, you can order the test from the company’s website for $169.

How and where to get a COVID-19 antibody test nationwide 3

In certain areas, like New York City, is using Quest Diagnostics labs to perform the COVID-19 antibody test. Once you purchase a test from, they will direct you to a Quest Diagnostics lab near you to schedule a test or to walk in for a test. For some unknown reason, you can not go directly to Quest Diagnostics’s own web site to purchase an antibody test.

Recently authorized to be performed and marketed by the U.S.’ Food and Drug Administration, a COVID-19 antibody test is generally cheaper than a genome test ― the first and currently the most prevalent method to detect the virus in individuals. Also, results of a COVID-19 antibody test can be determined within minutes, compared to a genome test where results can take anywhere from one day to a week and a half to deliver.

Only individuals who have had no COVID-19 symptoms for the last 10 days can take the test, which will be administered at one of’s partner laboratory collection sites. To protect laboratory staff, persons who are taking the test are advised to wear face mask or any other form of face-covering when arriving at the laboratory collection site.

Unlike other laboratory tests, fasting is not required for the COVID-19 antibody test, which requires a blood draw collection from the arm to detect COVID-19 immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in the blood. Presence of IgG antibodies in the blood indicates that a person had an immune response to COVID-19. A positive result to the test reveals that an individual may have had previous exposure to COVID-19 and his or her body has already developed antibodies. release most results within 24 hours of blood draw. But due to increased demand, turnaround times may be as high as three days.

Minors can also take the test, as long as the child’s legal guardian provides consent. The company also arranges bulk COVID-19 antibody testing for a workforce by request.

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