The Helio G85 is MediaTek’s latest gaming-centric smartphone chipset

It’s loaded with AI camera features

The Helio G85 is MediaTek's latest gaming-centric smartphone chipset 2

MediaTek has just announced its newest addition to the Gaming G Series chipset family, the Helio G85. With a focus in mobile gaming, the new Helio G85 promises optimum performance which barely sacrifices battery life.

Packing in a 1GHz GPU and HyperEngine enhancements, the Helio G85 is able to intelligently allocate its resources to provide smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. MediaTek’s HyperEngine technology optimizes the device’s performance based on the active usage on power, thermal, as well as gameplay factors.

“MediaTek is expanding our Helio G family to give device makers more options in designing smartphones that deliver an elite gaming experience,” Dr. Yenchi Lee, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless business unit, says “The Helio G85 delivers a combination of impressive performance, minimal power consumption and a range of other gaming enhancements so users can enjoy fast and smooth gameplay.”

Apart from its gaming enhancements, the Helio G85 also carries features that can allow manufacturers to develop full-featured gaming devices. It includes support for AI camera tasks such as object recognition, smart photo albums, scene detection and segmentation with background removal, and bokeh shot enhancements. In addition to that, the chipset can support multi-camera systems on smartphones.

Other features include a highly accurate inertial navigation for boosted location accuracy indoors, integrated voice wakeup, and dual 4G sim support.

The Helio G85 is MediaTek's latest gaming-centric smartphone chipset 3

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