Grammarly takes on ChatGPT with GrammarlyGo writing assistant

The popular Grammar-checker app announces plans to dethrone ChatGPT as the ultimate writing assistant

Composing in GrammarlyGO
Composing in GrammarlyGO

Created by the folks at Grammarly, GrammarlyGO is a new generative AI product that is designed to help you improve your writing skills and make your life easier. With its quick prompts, you can effortlessly compose high-quality, tailored drafts right where you’re working. It’s kind of like having a writing wizard at your fingertips, but without the pointy hat.

GrammarlyGO: Quick-Reply
Quick reply in GrammarlyGO

Not only does GrammarlyGO help you with drafting, but it’s also able to help you when replying to emails. It understands the context of your emails and offers relevant one-click prompts, so you can quickly draft thoughtful replies. From responding to your boss’s email to following up with clients, it will help you do all of this with confidence and ease.

GrammarlyGO doesn’t just stop at drafting and replying to emails, it’s also great at transforming entire sections of writing to be clearer and use the right tone. Whether you need to improve the friendliness, professionalism, or sassiness of your text, GrammarlyGO has got you covered. You can choose from a range of prompts or input your own to rewrite your selected text.

GrammarlyGO Rewrite for tone clarity
GrammarlyGO can rewrite for tone clarity

If you’re struggling with writer’s block or need some fresh ideas for your next blog post, GrammarlyGO can help with that too. It can generate outlines or ideas to reference or add directly into your text, making content creation a breeze.

GrammarlyGO availability

GrammarlyGO will be available to use in beta starting this April. It will be available across all of Grammarly’s offerings, that includes Grammarly Free, Premium, Business and Developers plans.

GrammarlyGo Vs ChatGPT

You’re probably wondering how GrammarlyGo compares to ChatGPT? Both GrammarlyGo and ChatGPT are powerful AI tools that can help improve your writing skills and productivity in their own unique ways. However, GrammarlyGo is specifically designed to assist with writing-related tasks, such as composing emails, refining tone, and generating ideas, while ChatGPT is a language model that can help with a wide range of tasks, from answering questions to generating creative content.

Ultimately, the main difference between GrammarlyGo and ChatGPT is their primary focus. GrammarlyGo is geared towards improving your writing skills, while ChatGPT can assist with a wide variety of tasks beyond writing. However, these two tools can potentially be used together to create a comprehensive writing process that enhances creativity, clarity, and effectiveness.

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