Friends star Courteney Cox is binge-watching the hit comedy series while in quarantine

The actress decides to watch the sitcom to refresh her memory

Friends star Courteney Cox is binge-watching the hit comedy series while in quarantine 1

Courteney Cox is keeping herself entertained during the coronavirus quarantine by binge-watching Friends.

The actress, who played the lovable neat freak Monica Geller in the hit sitcom, appeared remotely on Wednesday’s home edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and revealed that she’s recently been busy refreshing her Friends knowledge while in quarantine.

“I keep getting asked all these questions about Friends. People ask me to do trivia things. I did something with Charlie Puth. I did something with Celeste Barber. [But] I don’t remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory,” Cox admitted. “I remember, obviously, loving everybody there and having fun. And I remember certain times in my life that I was there, but I don’t remember episodes. … I fail every [trivia] test. So I decided to binge-watch Friends. I just started Season 1. It’s really good.”

When asked how exactly she’s binge-watching the series as it’s no longer available on Netflix in the U.S., Cox clarified that she bought it on Amazon Prime.

Later in the segment, Cox’s limited trivia knowledge on Friends was highlighted when she went head to head in a trivia match against Kimmel’s cousin, who happened to be a Friends superfan. Though Cox embarrassingly lost in the game, the actress seemed pretty confident that her current binge-watching session would help refresh her memory. “By the end of this quarantine, I’m going to know so much more,” she said.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue – Friends Trivia with Courteney Cox

Cox and her Friends costars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc were supposed to film the Friends reunion special for HBO Max earlier this week. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, production has been postponed until May.

“We’re supposed to do it Monday and Tuesday of this week,” Cox said of the special’s original filming date, before revealing that they were able to get together to discuss the project. “We did speak with the producer one time and we had a meeting except for David Schwimmer who was in New York so we’re all in the same room which is really fun except for Schwimmer,” she said.

Billed as an unscripted conversation between the show’s main ensemble that will be shot on the show’s original soundstage at the Warner Bros. studio lot, the special is executive produced by Cox and all her castmates.

Sources told Deadline that if the special’s current new production date holds, it will still be ready for the launch of HBO Max, which is slated late in the month of May.

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