Fallout season 2: What to expect from the sophomore run of the Amazon Prime series

Fallout cast members share what they would like to see in season 2

Poster for the Fallout TV series

The bombs have fallen, and the dust has settled (more or less). After a wildly successful first season, Fallout is confirmed to return for a second season on Amazon Prime Video. While plot details of the show’s sophomore run are being kept under wraps, some cast members have shared what they would like to see in the next installment of the TV series. Read on to discover what we know so far about Fallout season 2.

Will there be Fallout season 2?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video renewed Fallout for a second season in April 2024, just a few days after the show’s season 1 debuted on the streaming platform.

What will happen in Fallout season 2?

Series co-creator Geneva Robertson-Dworet told Deadline that now that season 2 has been set in stone, they’ll “be able to get to so much more that we love about the Fallout world.” Although mummed about that next season’s storyline, she did tell the news outlet that she and series co-creator Graham Wagner are now back in the writer’s room.

What do Fallout cast members want to see in season 2?

Ella Purnell, who plays Lucy MacLean in Fallout, said she wants a “cute puppy” that her character can carry around, and added that she would like to have” less spam and more carbonara in the wasteland.”

Ella Purnell in Fallout
Ella Purnell in Fallout

Meanwhile, Purnell’s TV dad, Hank MacLean, who portrays Kyle MacLachlan in the series, hopes that his character gets “more time in the powersuit,” which is a necessary comfort in the dystopian setting. He also has something to say to fans who see his character as the ultimate baddie: “Hank believes completely in what he’s doing. And even if some of the sacrifices that he’s had to make are monumental, he does them because he believes in what he’s doing, rightfully or wrongfully, we’ll find out.”

Hank MacLean in Fallout
Hank MacLean in Fallout

Meanwhile, Walton Goggins, who plays The Ghoul (a.k.a. Cooper Howard), teased that there’s a story arc he wants tied back up. Although the actor didn’t specify what that story arc is, he seems to be interested in exploring his character’s journey as a father before he started living as a zombie after a nuclear bomb hits Los Angeles.

Walton Goggins in Fallout
Walton Goggins in Fallout

What is the release date for Fallout season 2?

There’s no official release date for Fallout season 2 yet. As mentioned above, yhe show was just renewed, and it’s still in the early stages of development. However, reports claim that It likely won’t be out before late 2025 or even early 2026.

What is the Fallout TV series about?

The Fallout TV series is set in the post-apocalyptic world of the popular video game franchise of the same name. The story takes place hundreds of years after a nuclear war that ravaged America, leaving behind a wasteland filled with radiation and mutated creatures. Many survivors sought refuge in underground shelters called Vaults, each with its own social experiment or hidden purpose.

The series focuses on characters who venture out of their Vaults into the harsh realities of the wasteland. In season 1, this includes Lucy, who leaves Vault 33 to search for her kidnapped father. The characters encounter various factions vying for survival, from the well-equipped Brotherhood of Steel to raider gangs.

You can check out the season 1 trailer for the series below:

Fallout - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Is the Fallout TV series worth watching?

Whether the Fallout TV series is worth watching depends on your preferences.  If you’re a die-hard Fallout fan, you’ll likely enjoy the faithful recreation of the world’s atmosphere, iconic items, and potential lore connections. The show captures the dark humor and retro-futuristic aesthetic of the games.

But even if you haven’t played the games, the series offers a compelling post-apocalyptic story with interesting characters and moral quandaries. The production value is high, with detailed sets and costumes that bring the wasteland to life.

However, some might find the plot predictable compared to the open-world freedom of the games. Additionally, the first season focuses on establishing the world and characters, so it might not have the same level of action-packed adventure as some viewers crave.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a visually stunning and atmospheric post-apocalyptic drama with a familiar feel, Fallout is worth checking out.

Where to watch the Fallout TV series

The eight-episode season 1 of the Fallout TV series is currently only available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You can access it with either a standalone Prime Video subscription or through an existing Amazon Prime membership.

Source: Deadline
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