ElliQ is an AI-driven robot designed to keep the elderly company

This startup makes Amazon-inspired smart companions for GramGram. But at $1500, how will it compete?

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A Tel Aviv-based startup called Intuition Robotics has created an Echo Show-inspired smart display for the elderly. Looking as if it were lifted straight from Pixar’s Wall-E, the so-called ElliQ is the culmination of many years’ research and development.

At its core, ElliQ offers much of the same functionality you’d expect from a Google Home Hub, Echo Show, or Facebook Portal. However, given the company’s target audience, Intuition Robotics claims ElliQ goes a step further, offering air and temperature sensors, medication reminders, and overall more direct social companionship.

According to the company, each ElliQ device has its own personality and is programmed to respond to questions and comments other smart displays miss. Speaking of which, calling ElliQ a smart display is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, the screen doubles as a tablet – arriving preloaded with features and functions our grandparents will find useful.

In the end, Intuition Robotics says its goal is to create a companion that helps seniors easily stay connected with family and feel less lonely.

The company plans to start shipping its $1500 device in the coming months. But considering the rather steep price (and on-going monthly fee), we’re interested to see if ElliQ can compete with much cheaper alternatives from Amazon ($230) and Google ($150).

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