Ed Sheeran is releasing a Pokémon song

A Pokémon song from Ed Sheeran is coming out this September

Ed Sheeran

A new collaboration between Ed Sheeran and The Pokémon Company is coming out very soon.

The English singer-songwriter announced on Thursday that a Pokémon song written and recorded by him will be released on September 29th. The song has a music video, which is believed to be dropping on the same day as the track.

Ed Sheeran’s Pokémon song

Details about Sheeran’s upcoming song are scarce, but the musician revealed on Instagram that it is called Celestial. As for the music video, Sheeran described it as “insanely amazing.” “I love it, you’re gonna love it,” he wrote.

Sheeran’s announcement on Instagram comes with what appears to be the official artwork for the song. Featuring a cartoon-style drawing, the image features a smiling Sheeran with Pikachu standing on his back.

The four-time Grammy-winning artist also revealed that the music collaboration started off as a joke. “I met the people from Pokémon when I was travelling in Japan, and we joked about me writing a song for them. But now here we are,” shared the musician.

Sheeran’s lengthy Instagram post also includes a quick story of how he became a fan of the hit video game franchise. “I started off with Pokémon cards when the craze hit primary school when I was about 7, then the TV show was on TV so I used to try and record it over the same VHS every week,” the performer recalled. “After this, me and my brother shared a Game Boy and Pokémon Blue. I got a Game Boy colour with Pokémon Yellow for my 8th birthday, obsessed was an understatement. Flash forward to me at 31, I still have the same Game Boy colour and still I play Pokémon Silver on long haul flights.”

“I really really love it,” he said of the franchise. “It gave me a proper escape as a kid into a fantasy world that seemed to go on and on, and in adult life, it’s nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again.”


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Fan reactions

Sheeran also announced the collaboration on Twitter, where it received mixed reactions from fans. Sheeran fans, a.k.a. Sheerios, are naturally excited by the news, and a few are surprised to find out that the singer is actually a fan of the video game franchise.

Some Pokémon fans, on the other hand, don’t know how to feel about the collaboration, with many of them pointing out that Sheeran seems to ruin everything.

Ed Sheeran x The Pokémon Company

Ed Sheeran playing a guitar with Squirtle dancing along in a Pokémon Go app promo art

Sheeran’s upcoming song is his second collaboration with The Pokémon Company. His first partnership with the Japanese franchise happened in November 2021, when he performed his songs Perfect, Bad Habits, Overpass Graffiti, Thinking Out Loud, First Times, and Shivers on the Pokémon go app.

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