Dunkin’ adds avocado toast to its menu – here’s what customers are saying about it

Dunkin’s Avocado Toast features creamy avocado spread topped with Everything Bagel Seasoning

Dunkin's Avocado Toast

Dunkin’ is now selling avocado toast.

The coffee and donut chain has officially added the brunch favorite to its menu at all U.S. locations on Wednesday. Available for $2.99, Dunkin’s Avocado Toast features creamy, mouthwatering avocado spread made with avocado, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice. The smooth mixture is spread out edge-to-edge atop a piece of Dunkin’s authentic toasted sourdough bread, and is baked from a recipe created especially by Dunkin’ using a true sourdough starter for a tangy twist.

For added flavor, the avocado spread is sprinkled with Everything Bagel Seasoning, which includes sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, and garlic. Dunkin’s Avocado Toast is served in a special portable box, allowing customers to munch on the fruity and savory treat anywhere they’d like.

Some customers who have tried Dunkin’s Avocado Toast took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the new menu item. Apparently, there are people who like it, and there are others who won’t order it again.

A number of customers find Dunkin’s Avocado Toast “too lemony,” while some dislike its taste so much that they’re telling others not to bother trying it.

But if you’re a DD Perks member, you may want to order it as many as you can, as DD Perks members can earn points toward a free beverage faster ― earning 10 points per dollar rather than five ― on avocado toast purchases until March 23rd.

Aside from avocado toast, Dunkin’ has also added grilled cheese melts to its spring 2021 menu. Dunkin’s Grilled Cheese Melts come in two varieties: the classic one and the other that comes with a slice of black forest ham. Both options are served on Dunkin’s sourdough bread with white cheddar and American cheese.

Source: Dunkin’, Insider
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