Denny’s Black Friday offer: A shirt worth $2000+ for only $6

The limited-edition T-shirt gives guests a year’s worth of free breakfast

Denny's Everyday Value Tee

Denny’s has a unique Black Friday offer for its loyal customers.

The diner-style restaurant chain announced last week that it is dropping a T-shirt worth $2000+ for only $6 as its entry to this year’s Black Friday madness. Called Everyday Value Tee, the T-shirt is not your ordinary tee, as it’s actually a wearable tech that gives guests a year’s worth of free breakfast.

What is Denny’s Everyday Value Tee?

Denny's Everyday Value Tee

Dubbed by the chain as the “hottest wearable of the year,” the Everyday Value Tee doubles as a yearlong breakfast subscription. A fashionable way to get a free Everyday Value Slam at Denny’s every single day for an entire year, the limited-edition apparel features a unique QR code sewn directly into one of its sleeves for easy in-restaurant redemptions.

Denny's Everyday Value Tee - back design

The Everyday Value Tee is color black and features yellow text. The words “Everyday”, “pancakes”, “bacon”, and “eggs” are printed on the upper left front side of the t-shirt, while the following text: “Everyday is a new chance to go after what you crave, to satisfy your appetite while staying hungry for more | Everyday you are free to live and eat deliciously” can be seen on the back of the shirt. Completing the back design are graphics of pancakes, bacon strips, and eggs.

What is Denny’s Everyday Value Slam?

Denny’s Everyday Value Slam

The Everyday Value Slam is one of the most beloved meals from Denny’s All-Day Diner Deals value menu. It includes two eggs and two bacon strips or sausage links, plus a choice of two buttermilk pancakes, one slice of French toast, or a biscuit and gravy.

According to the chain’s website, the Everyday Value Slam usually costs around $5.99, so the exact total value of the T-shirt comes out to $2,186.

Each unique QR code sewn into the T-shirt is valid through December 31st, 2023. One Everyday Value Tee offer per table, per day, can be redeemed at Denny’s locations in 50 American states. The offer is only valid for dine-in and can’t be redeemed with online orders.

How to get an Everyday Value Tee

The one-of-a-kind T-shirt will exclusively drop on at midnight (12 a.m. EST/9 p.m. PST) on November 24th. Only 150 shirts will be available for purchase so deal seekers and loyal fans of the restaurant must prepare way ahead of time to increase their chances of scoring one.

The inspiration behind Denny’s Everyday Value Tee

In a press release announcing the chain’s Black Friday offer, Denny’s president John Dillon said that the wearable coupon is a response to the ongoing inflation crisis in the United States.

“This year has been particularly tough on Americans’ wallets,” said Dillon. “At Denny’s, we’re always looking for new ways to provide value for our diners while delighting them with delicious food, so creating an innovative, first-of-its-kind wearable offer to unveil on Black Friday was a natural decision for us.”

If this Black Friday offer will be received well by fans, it’s likely that the diner will launch similar campaigns in the future. “The wearable represents a fresh expression of our ongoing commitment to value, and we look forward to hearing what our fans think and seeing the shirts in our restaurants, added Dillon.

Source: Denny’s
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