26 Incredible custom Disney-inspired sneakers

Just like for Cinderella, one shoe can change your life forever

Just like for Cinderella, one shoe can change your life forever. As with any merchandise, Disney-branded sneakers are designed to appeal to the taste of the masses. And since not all consumers share the preferences of the majority, there are still some that are having a hard time finding a pair of Disney-branded shoes that suits their personality and sense of style. Luckily, more and more stores are now offering custom Disney-inspired sneakers, which are great alternatives to officially licensed Disney footwear.

While some Disney-inspired shoes come with a pre-selected design, lots of them can be personalized with your name and other details upon request, giving you an opportunity to somehow co-make a pair of kicks that reflects your individuality. However, since these sneakers are mostly handmade, they are generally more expensive than their mass-produced Disney-branded counterparts.

Can’t decide if they’re worth your money? Below is a list of some of the most amazing custom Disney-inspired shoes from Etsy.

#1 Mickey Mouse Nike Roshe One

This pair of Nike Roshe One has cute Mickey Mouse prints on the Swooshes and heels that add a touch of Disney magic to the sneakers. Featuring images of Mickey in different moods, the 100% cotton print perfectly blends with the shoes’ black mesh upper and white rubber sole. Available in men’s and kid’s sizes, these sneakers sell for $130 a pair.

#2 Monsters, Inc. Keds Champion

If you’re a huge fan of the 2001 Disney Pixar’s movie Monster, Inc., then you’ll definitely love this pair of Keds Champion. Hand-drawn using textile paints, these canvas sneakers feature Sully and Mike’s faces on the toes, various brightly colored doors on the quarters, and the logo and slogan of Monster, Inc. on the heels. Priced at $15, this pair of shoes is perfect for your next trip to Disneyland.

#3 Winnie the Pooh Vans

These Vans Slip-On shoes become a lot more vibrant after getting a Winnie the Pooh-themed makeover. Featuring hand-painted illustrations of Winnie the Pooh and his pals Piglet, Tigger, Eyore, Roo, and Owl, these $280 sneakers will make you feel like Christopher Robin embarking on a wonderful journey with all his stuffed animals.

#4 Minnie Mouse Mommy and Me Toms Classics

Get matchy-matchy with your daughter on your next day out together with these lovely pairs of Toms Classics. Retailing for $160 a bundle, these red Toms are jazzed up with hand-painted white polka dots all over the upper, silhouettes of Minnie Mouse’s head on the toes, and the character’s iconic bow on the heels. Your daughter’s name will also be painted in the signature Disney font on the strap of her shoes.

#5 Minnie Mouse Nike Roshe One

With a Minnie Mouse-themed heel and toe, this pair of Nike Roshe One looks like a legit pair of Nike and Disney collab shoes. The print features a repeating pattern of Minnie Mouse’s name and a silhouette of her iconic head, complete with a red and white polka dot bow. Available in black and white uppers and soles, these shoes have a price tag of $150.

#6 Mickey and Minnie Nike Air Force 1

Originally all-white, this classic pair of Nike Air Force 1 is now bursting with colors. Featuring hand-painted images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse standing back to back against a splash-shaped rainbow gradient as background, these sneakers will never go unnoticed. Perfect for almost any outfit, these striking shoes sell for $220.

#7 Snow White poisoned apple high-tops

If you feel like expressing your wicked side without being over the top, then wearing these sneakers with simple yet malefic design can help you achieve that. Inspired by the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this pair of high-tops features a red and green patterned print of skull-like poisoned apples, which cover both sides of the shoes. Retailing for $60 a pair, these sneakers would be a great addition to your hipster wardrobe.

#8 Tangled lanterns sneakers

Based on the beautiful lantern scene in the 2010 movie Tangled, these shoes feature a hand-painted design of wish lanterns lighting up the purplish night sky of the Kingdom of Corona. There’s also a silhouette of Rapunzel and Flynn crossing the sea, which stunningly reflects the orange and yellow colors of the lanterns. Available for $40 a pair, this shoe masterpiece is definitely for keeps.

#9 Moana Converse kids’ high-tops

If your children can’t get enough of anything Moana, then buying these high-tops for them would make you the coolest parent. Retailing from $60 to $100, these authentic Converse shoes for kids feature Moana and Maui prints sewn onto the footwear’s tongues and outer sides.

#10 Mickey Mouse baby shoes

Perfect for baby shower, photoshoots, birthday, and everyday casual wear, these baby shoes feature red uppers, yellow laces, and white soles and toe boxes. The sides of the sneakers are adorned with prints of stars, Mickey Mouse head silhouettes, and your baby’s name in Disney’s iconic font. Beautifully packaged in a gift box, these shoes sell for $40 a pair.

#11 Disney dogs-themed shoes

Show everyone how much you love dogs with this pair of black shoes covered with sublimation print featuring various dog characters created by Disney. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these $50 sneakers display charming photos of Goofy, Pluto, Pongo, Perdita, Lady, Tramp, Bruno, Nana, and more.

#12 Stitch Adidas AltaSport kids’ sneakers

These Adidas AltaSport are giving off a bit of ‘Ohana vibes, courtesy of the hand-painted images of Stitch on both outer sides of the sneakers. Completing the simple yet lovely design are tiny drawings of hearts and lettering of your kid’s name. Selling for $70 a pair, these shoes are perfect to be paired with other Lilo & Stitch clothing and accessories.

#13 Cinderella-inspired shoes

This pair of sneakers features a polyester upper covered with a blue and green crystal print pattern that mimics the sparkly look of Cinderella’s glass slippers. But unlike the character’s iconic footwear, these $50 shoes are made with EVA soles, so they provide more flexibility and way more comfortable to wear.

#14 Disney castle and Mickey balloons Vans

Make your next visit to Disney World more magical with this pair of Vans Slip-On shoes that feature amazing hand-painted images of the iconic Disney castle and Mickey Mouse head balloons. With cute wedding-themed designs on the sides and heels, these $200 sneakers are perfect for newly married or engaged women who want to share their latest milestones with the world.

#15 Alice in Wonderland Converse high-tops

Wander in your own Wonderland with these authentic Converse high-tops that feature hand-painted images of Alice in Wonderland characters, including the fidgety White Rabbit and the sneaky Cheshire Cat. Selling for $210, this eccentric pair of sneakers is perfect for everyday wear and would make an incredible addition to your Disney clothing collection.

#16 Darth Vader shoes

This minimalist yet striking pair of black sneakers will make your Star Wars outfit look more badass. Featuring a cool double-sided print of Darth Vader and his red lightsaber, these $55 canvas shoes would definitely turn heads.

#17 Frozen-inspired Converse high-tops

Inspired by the 2013 film Frozen, these authentic Converse high-tops are glamorized with blue beads and silver crystals glued across the upper. Bundles of fur-like materials are also affixed on to the shoes’ collars, giving them a more fabulous look. Available in baby, toddler, and kids’ sizes, these sneakers come with a bow and retail for $80-$155 a pair.

#18 Peter Pan laced Vans

These laced Vans won’t make you fly but its pixie dust designs will make you feel like you’re flying to Neverland with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy. Hand-painted with acrylic coloring, these $180 sneakers also feature silhouettes of the said characters and Captain Hook’s iconic ship.

#19 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell shoes

Inspired by the 1951 film Peter Pan, these blue canvas sneakers feature hand-painted images of Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael Darling flying their way to Neverland with an image of the famed Big Ben in the background. There’s also a silhouette of Tinker Bell sprinkling pixie dust on one side of the shoes, alongside the phrase “Never Grow Up” written in glittery gold. Priced at $67 a pair, this footwear would definitely make you feel forever young.

#20 Mickey Mouse Vans Old Skool sneakers

These authentic Vans Old Skool sneakers are customized with a Mickey Mouse Many Faces print glued on both sides of each shoe. The grayscale color of the sealant-treated print blends seamlessly with the black and white colorway of the shoes, making it look like an officially licensed Disney footwear. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these sneakers cost $100-$112 a pair.

#21 Frozen-themed shoes

Be as cool as Elsa when you wear these Frozen-themed shoes featuring hand-painted images of a snowflake and the character’s majestic ice palace. The sealant-sprayed sneakers also feature ornate designs on the sides, which are inspired by Elsa and Anna’s clothes from the movie. Selling for $55, these shoes also have insoles with dabs of white paint that look like snowballs.

#22 Disney Park shoes

Make your next visit to Disney Park a little meta by wearing these Disney Park-themed shoes featuring hand-painted images of the iconic Cinderella Castle and the dark ride Spaceship Earth. With a price tag of $250, these sneakers also include illustrations of other Disney Park landmarks drawn on the sides and heels.

#23 Minnie Mouse Converse High-Tops

Add some swag to your kids’ outfits with these authentic Converse high-tops that are glammed up with black and white Swarovski crystals on the toes and red pearls glued onto the sides and heels. Featuring a huge Minnie Mouse patches sewn onto the tongues, these fancy shoes are also customized with white and red polka dot laces, Mickey and Minnie buttons, and the initial of your child’s name. Available in baby, toddler and youth sizes, a pair of these shoes cost $110-150.

#24 Cinderella castle and carriage Toms

These blue Toms are Cinderella-fied with handmade paintings of the princess’ iconic castle and carriage. The shoes also feature gold swirls and stars painted across the uppers, along with the words “Walt Disney” and “wish upon a star” emblazoned on the sides. Sealed with a water-repellent finish, these sneakers retail for $200 a pair.

#25 Maleficent shoes

If you’re rooting for Maleficent right from the start, then these $40 shoes are perfect for you. Featuring a white, black, purple and green outer colorway, these canvas sneakers are made intriguing with hand-painted silhouettes of Maleficent both in her evil fairy and dragon forms. The phrase “Oh how quaint,” which is a portion of the character’s most famous line from the 2014 movie of the same, is also hand-painted on one side of the shoes.

#26 Cinderella Vans

These colorful slip-on sneakers are made for huge Cinderella fans. Featuring hand-painted images of Cinderella and her Prince Charming dancing, these authentic Vans shoes also include vivid illustrations of Cinderella’s castle, Cinderella’s fairy godmother, and her pair of mouse friends, Jaq and Gus. These water-repellent shoes sell for $210 a pair.

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