26 Incredible custom Disney-inspired sneakers

Just like for Cinderella, one shoe can change your life forever

Just like for Cinderella, one shoe can change your life forever. As with any merchandise, Disney-branded sneakers are designed to appeal to the taste of the masses. And since not all consumers share the preferences of the majority, there are still some that are having a hard time finding a pair of Disney-branded shoes that suits their personality and sense of style. Luckily, more and more stores are now offering custom Disney-inspired sneakers, which are great alternatives to officially licensed Disney footwear.

While some Disney-inspired shoes come with a pre-selected design, lots of them can be personalized with your name and other details upon request, giving you an opportunity to somehow co-make a pair of kicks that reflects your individuality. However, since these sneakers are mostly handmade, they are generally more expensive than their mass-produced Disney-branded counterparts.

Can’t decide if they’re worth your money? Below is a list of some of the most amazing custom Disney-inspired shoes from Etsy.

#1 Mickey Mouse Nike Roshe One

This pair of Nike Roshe One has cute Mickey Mouse prints on the Swooshes and heels that add a touch of Disney magic to the sneakers. Featuring images of Mickey in different moods, the 100% cotton print perfectly blends with the shoes’ black mesh upper and white rubber sole. Available in men’s and kid’s sizes, these sneakers sell for $130 a pair.