Cinderella diet is as dangerous as it is ridiculous

Twitter is giving this fad the response it deserves

Cinderella Diet

If you weren’t sick of ridiculous online challenges already, then this new ‘Cinderella Diet’ one may be the straw that breaks the malnourished camel’s back.

And if you are anything like us, you are looking forward to a day when false ideas of perfection don’t sweep the internet preying on all of our insecurities.

Unfortunately, turning a pumpkin into a golden carriage seems to be a much more realistic societal goal.

The “Cinderella diet” first gained notoriety in Japan, but just last week, folks on Twitter started discussing it at length, with the majority of users calling it as the ridiculously dangerous fad it is.

Here’s how it works – measure your height in metres, square it and then multiply it by 18. The resulting number is the amount of kilos this stupid idea says you should weigh.

Even Dietitians are universally calling it dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Gina Keatley, a New York-based Dietitian echoed this sentiment in Cosmopolitan, stating: “This is not a diet, but an unrealistic goal for body size/weight that can damage your health.

Clearly, this diet fad is completely ridiculous, as starving yourself is just not good. Ever. For any reason, and especially not to fit an outdated idea of beauty. Today’s princesses come in all genders, sizes, religions and races. There’s no one-unrealistic-size fits all anymore. Thankfully.

Cinderella diet is as dangerous as it is ridiculous 2

Source: Women’s Health
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