Is the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich still available at Burger King?

The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich has been on and off the Burger King menu since the late 1970s

Burger King's Italian Original Chicken Sandwich

Craving the iconic flavors of the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King? As fans reminisce about this classic menu item, questions arise: Is the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich still gracing the Burger King menu? Read on to discover the status of this beloved sandwich and satisfy your curiosity about whether you can still savor the delectable taste of Italy between those signature Burger King buns.

What is Burger King’s Italian Original Chicken Sandwich?

The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich is a Burger King classic featuring a delicious combination of savory and juicy that aims to capture the essence of Italian flavors within the familiar framework of a chicken sandwich. The sandwich’s original key components are the following:

  • Breaded white meat chicken patty: This elongated fillet, a signature element of Burger King’s “long” sandwich line, offered a generous and satisfying chicken base.
  • Marinara sauce: A tangy and flavorful marinara sauce added zest and richness to the sandwich.
  • Melted mozzarella cheese: Gooey and perfectly melted mozzarella cheese provided a creamy counterpoint to the crispy chicken and tangy sauce.
  • Toasted sesame seed bun: A classic elongated bun with sesame seeds held everything together, completing the Italian-inspired package.
The original Italian Chicken Sandwich at Burger King
The original Italian Chicken Sandwich at Burger King

Does Burger King still offer the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich?

The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich has been on and off the Burger King menu in the United States since its conception. However, the item is not available on the national menu of the fast food chain as of January 2024.

The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich made its most recent comeback in August 2023 as a limited-time offering. Before this, the item returned to the chain’s menu in November 2021 after a seven-year hiatus. During that time, the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich was offered at all Burger King locations nationwide for a limited time as part of the restaurant’s popular “2 for $6” lineup, where it could be purchased alongside the Whopper sandwich, Impossible Whopper, Chicken Fries, or Big Fish sandwich.

Although Burger King hasn’t officially announced any plans for the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich’s return to the national menu in the U.S., the sandwich is one of the most popular classic items of the chain so it’s highly likely that it would make a reappearance as a limited-time offering in the future.

When did Burger King first introduce the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich?

The exact debut year for Burger King’s Italian Original Chicken Sandwich is unclear, as different sources offer somewhat conflicting information.

Some sources point to 1979, the year Burger King introduced its “long” sandwich line. This included various non-burger options like chicken and fish, offering a distinct alternative to competitors’ round and square burgers. While the details of the exact “Italian Chicken Sandwich” might have evolved, its origin seems linked to this strategic menu expansion.

Other sources mention 1988 as the specific year the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich was launched. According to those sources, the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich was introduced as part of the chain’s International Chicken Sandwiches line, which consisted of three sandwiches with different toppings that are associated with cuisine from various international regions.

In addition to the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich, the two other sandwiches from that line are the French Original Chicken Sandwich and the American Original Chicken Sandwich. The former is a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich with mayonnaise, ham, and Swiss cheese, while the latter has mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and American cheese.

What is Burger King’s Ch’King?

The classic and spicy versions of the Burger King Ch'King sandwich
The classic and spicy versions of the Burger King Ch’King sandwich

Aside from the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich and the classic Original Chicken Sandwich, Burger King’s other chicken sandwich offering is the Ch’King, a breaded chicken fillet on a potato bun served with pickles and a signature sauce.

Each serving of the Ch’King sandwich contains 1,287 calories, while its spicy version has 1,447 calories. The Burger King chicken sandwich with the highest calorie count is the Spicy Ch’King Deluxe Sandwich with 1,453 calories, while the one with the lowest calorie count is the BK Southern BBQ Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich with 603 calories.

What is Burger King’s Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich?

The Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Burger King is a timeless melody of flavors: juicy, golden-fried chicken serenaded by the tangy symphony of Royal Sauce, all harmonized with crisp lettuce and tomato on a bed of soft potato bun. It’s a classic fast-food chorus that hits all the right notes, guaranteed to satisfy your savory cravings from the first bite to the last. It comes in five varieties: classic, spicy, bacon and Swiss cheese, honey butter, and Southern BBQ.

Burger King Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

The Burger King Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich was first offered in Canada in May 2021 for a limited time. The said Burger King chicken sandwich, according to Canadify, features “crispy premium white meat chicken, seasoned with traditional Nashville Hot flavors and just the right amount of heat, all topped with sliced pickles, and creamy mayonnaise on a potato bun.” It recently returned to the BK menu in Canada in May 2022.

Though the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich has yet to debut in the United States, it is quite similar to the country’s permanent offering, Spicy Ch’King. Compared to the latter, the former has bright red spicy breading, thinner chicken patty, and is topped with mayonnaise.

Burger King "Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich" taste test

What sauces does Burger King have?

Burger King offers six regular dipping sauces. These are barbecue, buffalo, ranch, honey mustard, sweet and sour, and zesty. Though orders of chicken nuggets and chicken fries automatically come with your choice of dipping sauce, sauce packets can also be requested with any order.

What is the most popular Burger King item?

Burger King’s Original Chicken Sandwich is one of the most popular items of the fast-food chain. But as of the first week of July 2022, according to, the most famous Burger King item is the Whopper Jr, followed by French Fries and Whopper in the second and third place, respectively. The original Burger King chicken sandwich is currently in the eighth spot of the popularity ranking.

What is Burger King best known for?

Burger King has become the go-to fast food restaurant for many because of its high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. But the chain is best known for the Whopper, the restaurant’s signature hamburger.

Burger King's The Whopper

Introduced in 1957, the Whopper features a quarter-pound flame-grilled beef patty topped with juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun. Burger King has since released several varieties of the Whopper. Some of those are either seasonal menu items or tailored to local tastes or customs.

What is the biggest sandwich at Burger King?

Burger King's Big King XXL
Burger King’s Big King XXL

Burger King’s biggest sandwich is the Big King XL. This menu item features more than half-pound of flame-grilled 100% beef, topped with American cheese, sliced onions, zesty pickles, crisp lettuce, and the restaurant’s special Stacker sauce all on a toasted sesame bun.

Are Burger King’s buns vegan?

Yes. Burger King’s buns are vegan, as they are made without any dairy or eggs.

Are Burger King’s fries vegan?

Unlike fries from other fast-food chains, Burger King’s classic fries are vegan, as the restaurant uses vegetable oil for frying their fries.

Are Burger King’s onion rings vegan?

The onion rings at Burger King are not vegan, as they are made with whey, which is a milk derivative.

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