10 best car movies on Netflix to fuel your need for speed

The ultimate list of best car movies to watch on Netflix right now

A scene from 2020's Asphal Burning - one of the best car movies on Netflix right now

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the ultimate cinematic experience? Well, look no further because Netflix has got you covered. With a wide selection of films that feature sleek supercars, classic muscle cars, and everything in between, Netflix has something for every car lover. Whether you’re in the mood for a heart-pounding chase scene or a gripping drama centered around the world of motorsports, these movies are sure to take you on a wild ride. So buckle up and join us, as we list the 10 best car movies on Netflix right now.

Wheelman (2017)

Wheelman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

This action thriller film stars Frank Grillo as a getaway driver who finds himself in a high-stakes race against time after a bank robbery goes wrong. With his family’s life on the line, he must take part in a daring and dangerous heist that could change their lives forever.

Although the plot is not as deep as the similar 2011 movie Drive, Wheelman provides an action-packed and fast-paced narrative that will keep you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end. With its intense car chases and cleverly crafted plot twists, the stakes continue to rise with every mile driven. The tension builds up even more when unexpected characters join in on the mission, putting the titular character’s driving skills—and life—at risk. Overall, Wheelman is an adrenaline-ride full of suspense and drama that you don’t want to miss.

Initial D (2005)

Initial D (2005) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

A film adaptation of the Japanese Initial D manga series, this Hongkong flick follows Takumi Fujiwara (Jay Chou), a high school student who delivers tofu for his father’s business. Since he’s been driving on rural mountain roads every day for several years, Takumi has unknowingly developed amazing racing skills. When a race car driver challenges him to a race, Takumi finds himself taking part in illegal night races with other formidable street racing drivers.

The slick visuals and intense plot make Initial D one of the best car movies on Netflix right now. From drifting down narrow winding roads to high-speed chases along highways, the film immerses viewers into the world of underground racers and car culture.

Directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak from a screenplay by Felix Chong, Initial D also stars Anne Suzuki, Edison Chen, Anthony Wong, Shawn Yue, Chapman To, Jordan Chan, and Kenny Bee.

Night Teeth (2021)

Night Teeth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by Adam Randall, Night Teeth follows Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), a freelance chauffeur driving in place of his brother Jay (Raul Castillo). Benny is hired by friends Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry) to drive them to several popular Los Angeles nightclubs. Unbeknownst to him, the girls are both vampires.

Night Teeth received generally positive reviews from critics with praise for the performances, direction, and atmosphere. Although some reviewers felt the pacing and resolution of the plot were a bit uneven, most of them raved about the film’s suspenseful tone, dark aesthetic, and unique story.

The Ice Road (2021)

The Ice Road | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ice Road is an action-packed film that follows a truck driver on his quest to safely deliver cargo across the dangerous icy roads of the Arctic. The cargo contains a crucial component to save workers trapped in a collapsed diamond mine. The main character, played by Liam Neeson, battles treacherous weather and terrain as he tries to reach his destination.

Along with fantastic cinematography and thrilling special effects, The Ice Road also features intense car chases that make it one of the best car movies on Netflix right now. The characters are also well-developed, allowing viewers to connect emotionally with their struggles. All in all, The Ice Road is filled with suspenseful moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Rush (2013)

RUSH - DVD Trailer - Starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl

Based on a true story, Rush is a biographical sports drama that follows the intense rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) during the 1976 motor-racing season. Their fierce competition leads to dangerous decisions that put both drivers’ lives at risk.

Directed by Ron Howard, the film does an excellent job of portraying the tension between the two men who have drastically different approaches to racing: Hunt’s devil-may-care attitude versus Lauda’s coldly calculated style. As they race against each other and push themselves further than ever before, audiences are taken along for a thrilling cinematic experience with plenty of twists and turns.

Ultimately, it’s up to viewers to decide which approach is best – but one thing is certain: you won’t be able to look away until the checkered flag has been waved!

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys - Main Trailer [HD]

In this neo-noir buddy action-comedy film, Ryan Gosling plays private detective Holland March, who teams up with enforcer-for-hire Jackson Healy, portrayed by Russell Crowe, to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl in 1970s Los Angeles.

The pair soon find themselves wrapped up in a web of conspiracy, involving car chases, gun fights, and plenty of humor. Despite their differences, March and Healy form an unlikely bond that carries them through to uncovering the truth.

The Nice Guys provides viewers with a fast-paced adventure full of laughs. With its unexpected plot twists and entertaining performances from Gosling and Crowe, it’s sure to keep you on your toes all the way until the end. If you’re looking for some fun car chase scenes mixed with witty dialogue and charming characters, this movie is definitely worth watching!

A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story (2020)

A Life of Speed The Juan Manuel Fangio Story -Trailer

Directed by Francisco Macri, this documentary film revolves around Juan Manuel Fangio in the 1950s, and how he won five championships driving for four different carmakers in the F1 circuit. The movie also delves into his personal story, as well as provides insight into what made him one of the most successful drivers in history.

Not only does it feature incredible footage from some of Fangio’s races, but it also captures interviews with people who knew or worked with him throughout his career. Through this documentary-style narrative, viewers are given an intimate look at how he lived and raced during a time when motorsport was still emerging as an international phenomenon.

Whether you’re looking for a thrill ride or just want to learn more about one of auto racing’s greatest legends, A Life of Speed is definitely worth checking out on Netflix!

Seoul Vibe (2022)

Set during the leadup to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Seoul Vibe follows the talented drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team who become mired in a VIP slush fund investigation after accepting an offer they can’t refuse.

While not on the same level as The Fast and The Furious films, Seoul Vibe manages to raise the stakes of crime-ring brutality while balancing the violence with goofball comedy, highly likable characters, and seriously impressive driving stunts.

Seoul Vibe | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pegasus (2019)

Pegasus Official Trailer |《飞驰人生》官方预告

This Chinese comedy film centers on legendary race car driver Zhang Chi (Shen Teng). Zhang Chi was only 32 years old when he won the highest honor in Chinese racing and was in his prime. However, the birth of his son and his suspension for participating in illegal drag racing forced him to leave the circuit. Now, after his five-year suspension, Zhang Chi returns to the track to compete against a new generation of opponents.

Although Pegasus has weak storytelling, it does have a significant amount of genre appeal. It’s also super funny, so if you’re looking for comedy car movies, then Pegasus should be on your watch list.

Asphalt Burning (2020)

Asphalt Burning | Official Trailer | Netflix

The third and final installment in the Burnout trilogy, this Norwegian film opens with Roy Gundersen (Anders Baasmo) on his way to Møre og Romsdal to get married at the top of Trollstigen with his girlfriend Sylvia (Kathrine Thorborg Johansen). However, a number of problems arise before they can get married. Suddenly Roy has to take part in the Nürburgring in Germany, one of the longest and most challenging racing competitions in the world.

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