Mayonnaise ice cream is the newest flavor you probably shouldn’t try

A Scottish ice cream parlor just invented the worst flavor imaginable

When it comes to ice cream, there’s a million-and-one unique flavors we can choose from. Everyone knows about the classics like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, mint, cookie dough – I could go on, but I think you get the point.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those rarer flavors such as ghost pepper, Cheeto-flavored, even one that’s reported to taste like squid ink. And now, thanks to a Scottish ice cream parlor, we have a new flavor to add to the list – mayonnaise!

Yup! ‘Ice’, an artisan ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland just recently showcased the new flavor via social media. In an Instagram post with the caption “Who knows a mayo addict?” the company – known for inventive flavors – unleashed their latest wacky concoction.

Ice also makes a “Monster Energy Drink” flavor – another interesting combination that sure seems more appetizing than a spoon full of mayo.

When will the madness stop!?

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