Be@rbrick toys are getting a TV show on Apple TV+

The Be@rbrick animated series will be based on the popular toy collectibles

Apple TV has a new animated BE@RBRICK TV series
Be@rbrick toys are coming to life on Apple TV+

The iconic bear-shaped figures that have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide are finally getting their own Be@rbrick TV show!

Apple TV+ has announced that the beloved Be@rbrick toys from Japanese brand MediCom Toy will be the inspiration behind a new 13-episode animated Be@rbrick TV series for kids and families.

The TV show follows young singer-songwriter Jasmine and her bandmates as they pursue their dreams in a world where everyone’s life is pre-determined. Jasmine realizes that to change her world, she and her friends must make it happen. With music, comedy, and a message of self-discovery, this show is poised to captivate and entertain fans of all ages.

Details of The Be@rbrick TV series

The series will be brought to life through CG animation, helmed by Meghan McCarthy (think My Little Pony) as showrunner and executive producer. Athena Hofmann (who co-produced the Curious George movies) will be the line producer. Assisting her will be supervising producer Alex Almaguer and story editor Taylor Orci.

Be@rbrick is the latest collaboration between Apple TV+, Dentsu Inc, and DreamWorks Animation, joining other successful shows such as Pinecone & Pony and Doug Unplugs.

The series will premiere alongside other Apple TV+ offerings, including El Deafo, Lovely Little Farm, Duck & Goose, Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, and Harriet the Spy.

History and popularity Of Be@Rbrick

Be@rbrick toys have been around since 2001 and have grown to be one of the most beloved collectibles. Now a cult classic among collectors, you can find these cartoon-style shaped bears everywhere, from high-end department stores to street markets. 

The toys made headlines recently with their global collaboration projects with Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and more. Now they’re set to take over our screens, too.

What is so special about Be@Rbrick Toys?

Be@rbrick toys are unique in their design and concept. These collectibles are shaped like anthropomorphized bears and have a distinct appearance that makes them instantly recognizable.

Ultimately, what sets them apart from other toys is their customization. Be@rbrick figures come in various sizes and designs, with each featuring a different theme, artist collaboration, or pop culture reference. Collectors can also purchase DIY Be@rbrick figures that allow them to create their own designs. This level of personalization has made Be@rbrick toys popular among both toy collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

The collaboration with Apple TV+ to create an animated series based on these figures is a testament to their enduring popularity and unique appeal.

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