Batwoman season 1 finale reveals the face of Earth-Prime’s Batman

Bruce Wayne is played by a former Arrow guest star

Batwoman season 1 finale reveals the face of Earth-Prime’s Batman 1

Batwoman fans finally have a face to put to the Bruce Wayne name.

In the final scenes of the show’s season 1 finale, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) puts one of her skin masks on Tommy Elliott (Gabriel Mann). This, however, is no ordinary skin mask, as it bears the face of Kate Kane’s (Ruby Rose) famous cousin, Bruce, aka Batman.

The skin mask gives the viewers their first look at Earth-Prime’s Batman, who is played by Warren Christie. If Christie looks familiar to Arrowverse fans, that is because the actor portrayed Carter Bowen in 2012’s season 1, episode 6 of Arrow, titled Legacies. Outside of his previous Arrow stint, Christie is best known for his role as Ben Anderson in the 2011 sci-fi mystery film Apollo 18, Cameron Hicks in the Syfy series Alphas, and Greggy Stiviletto on the ABC drama Happy Town.

Batwoman season 1 finale reveals the face of Earth-Prime’s Batman 2
Warren Christie is Earth-Prime’s Bruce Wayne

Christie only played Tommy as Bruce in Batwoman’s season-ender, so the actor’s first appearance in the show shouldn’t be considered as the official debut of the Caped Crusader on The CW series. Though it’s not clear how long Tommy will be wearing Bruce’s skin mask, it may serve as the trigger that will ultimately pull the Dark Knight back to Gotham City after so many years away.

While there’s no word yet on whether or not the real Bruce will finally return to Gotham City in season 2 of Batwoman, it would make sense for Batman to play a bigger role in the show’s sophomore run, as Kate spent most of the freshman run comparing herself to Bruce. Kate meeting Bruce in the flesh would offer a great character development for the titular character, who has struggled with her insecurities since she stepped up as Gotham City’s new hero at the beginning of the series.

As Arrowverse fans remember, Supergirl waited until its second season to fully introduced Superman. So if Batwoman is taking a page from Supergirl’s book, then Batwoman fans will likely meet the real Batman next season.

Batwoman season 2 premieres in January 2021 on The CW.

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