AT&T just gave the gift of gaming to their 5G subscribers

Free access to the NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service – if you have a 5G connection!

AT&T just gave the gift of gaming to their 5G subscribers 1
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AT&T is kicking off 2022 with a freebie for both new and existing customers on one of their 5G plans — six months of free Nvidia GeForce NOW, Nvidia’s subscription-based cloud gaming service. The six free months would otherwise set you back $50, so if you have a big backlog of games to play in 2022 and want to get through some of it on your phone, it’s not a bad deal!

GeForce NOW does include close to 100 free-to-play games, including Fortnite, but if you have a bunch of games you’ve purchased spread across different storefronts like Steam, the Epic Store, and EA Origin, GeForce NOW will aggregate all of your games in one spot and run them from the cloud.

You’re probably still going to be playing your games from local storage when you’re home, but if you’re out somewhere with just your phone and get the itch, GeForce NOW can stream those games from Nvidia’s servers, which are assuredly cooking with the latest GeForce RTX GPUs. Of course, that’s a lot of data that needs to come over to your phone fast, hence the 5G — 5G speeds make streaming modern games possible, even when playing against others online, although you’ll probably still want to make sure you’ve got a strong 5G signal wherever you are to make sure speeds stay high and latency stays low.

The deal has already gotten underway, so if you’re a current AT&T 5G subscriber, you should already have it available to you. If you’re not, that’s one more tick in the AT&T column for when you get a 5G phone and decide which carrier to roll with.