Aqua Teen Hunger Force spinoff AquaDonk Side Pieces gets its first teaser

The first-look clip at Adult Swim’s AquaDonk Side Pieces reveals the spinoff’s release window

Aqua Teen Hunger Force spinoff AquaDonk Side Pieces gets its first teaser 1

Adult Swim has dropped the first-look clip at the Aqua Teen Hunger Force spinoff series AquaDonk Side Pieces.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which ran for 11 seasons on Adult Swim from 2000 to 2015, followed the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast-food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live together as roommates and frequently interact with their human next-door neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski.

AquaDonk Side Pieces is a continuation of the original series. But instead of focusing on the main characters, the spinoff will center on the later lives of the show’s various side characters and villains such as The Mooninites, The Plutonians, MC Pee Pants, The Frat Aliens, Happy Time Harry, Handbanana, and The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past.

The minute-long video from AquaDonk Side Pieces opens with Powerpuff Mall security guards Carl and Master Shake taking a break from stealing change from the fountain to check out the Breakie B breakdancing robot. The clip then cuts to the Cybernetic Ghost who reveals that Breakie B is an assassin disguised as a breakdancing toy.

“He must be stopped or it will give birth to the quickening of the Dragonoids and three billion lives will vanish in an instant,” says the Cybernetic Ghost before wondering how he can get through the mall’s metal detector.

Also conceived by Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, AquaDonk Side Pieces is part of Adult Swim’s previously announced effort to expand its digital programming with a number of shorts based on its different homegrown franchises like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and more,

Though it was revealed during the special Aqua Teen Hunger Force panel that AquaDonk Side Pieces will run for “about 8-10 episodes,” the length of each episode has yet to be announced. It has been confirmed though that the spinoff will premiere on Adult Swim sometime in 2022.

Aside from AquaDonk Side Pieces, a second Aqua Teen Hunger Force film is also set to be released next year. The first Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie opened in theaters back in 2007.

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