These Animal Crossing face masks aren’t just for villagers

Available on Etsy, these face masks bring the serene vibe of Animal Crossing to the real world

Though medical masks have existed in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing video games long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the item has become a hot commodity among players since the onset of the current global health crisis. In the game, medical masks can be purchased from the bell store in the Nook Shop. But for some reason, they’re not always available.

In the real world, as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the supply of medical masks remains limited, so people are advised to wear cloth face coverings as an alternative. Unlike the dwindling supply of medical masks, there seems to be no shortage of cloth face masks. In fact, since the early stage of the pandemic, a lot of different cloth face coverings have become available, including those that are inspired by Animal Crossing. So if you’re looking for adorable face masks to wear during the lockdown and beyond, here are five of the cutest Animal Crossing-themed face coverings available on Etsy.

#1 Animal Crossing ‘Villagers’ face masks, $25+

Available in green and white colors, these face masks feature an all-over print of Animal Crossing villagers, including Jay, Rosie, Goldie, Apollo, Hamlet, Lily, Bunnie, Isabelle, and more. The mask’s outer layer is made from a breathable polyester fabric, while the inner layer is made from a soft cotton fabric. It comes with easily adjustable earloop straps to fit all face shapes, shapeable hidden nose clip for a perfect fit, and a filter pouch on the inside. Each face mask also comes with two pieces of PM 2.5 filters.

#2 Animal Crossing ‘Full-body Villagers’ face masks, $20+

These cotton face masks are decked out with full-body graphics of some of the beloved Animal Crossing characters, including Harriet, K.K. Slider, Miranda, Pompon, Bangle, Chief, and many others. Available in kids and adult sizes, these face coverings also feature a nose clamp for a snug fit.

#3 Animal Crossing ‘Desserts and Leaf Pattern’ face masks, $25+

These face coverings come in two styles. The first one features an all-over print of Animal Crossing characters with their favorite desserts like cupcakes, pancakes, muffins, milkshakes, and more. The second one features a cute image of Isabelle set against an all-over print of pink leaves. Made from breathable polyester and cotton fabric, these face coverings come with easily adjustable earloop straps, shapeable hidden nose clip, and a filter pouch on the inside. Each face mask also comes with two pieces of PM 2.5 filters.

#4 Animal Crossing ‘Villagers Faces’ neck gaiters, $21.99

Featuring an all-over print of different Animal Crossing characters set against a green geometric background, these polyester neck gaiters are stretchy and breathable. These washable neck gaiters can also be used as headband, bandana, wristband, and neck warmer.

#5 Animal Crossing ‘Tom Nook, Raymond and Fang’ face masks, $26

These face masks come in three charming designs: a graphic of Tom Nook wearing a face mask; Raymond with the expression “meh”; and Fang with the word “cha-chump.” Washable and reusable, these white face coverings boast a 2-ply cotton construction with top and bottom binding, cover stitch closure, and three pleat expansion.