20 affordable Disney-inspired rings to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday

Add a touch of magic to your style with these very enchanting and affordable Mickey Mouse rings

Disney-inspired rings to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday

Mickey Mouse turns 90 this year and one of the best ways to celebrate this milestone is to share your love for the iconic Disney character with the people dear to you. If you’re planning to give someone a friendship ring, an engagement ring, or just an everyday ring, then you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a wide selection of affordable Mickey Mouse and Disney-inspired rings that even a non-fan can’t say no to.

#1 Minnie Mouse Amethyst Crystal Ring

Minnie Mouse Amethyst Crystal Ring

This lovely ring has Minnie Mouse-shaped amethyst stones as its centerpiece. It also features a silver-plated bow that completes the character’s unmistakable head design. Selling for $25 each, this trinket is perfect for those who were born in February as amethyst is the birthstone for the said month.

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