is shutting down to become part of GameStop

We’re sad to see it go is shutting down to become part of GameStop 2 has been a beloved retailer for close to two decades now, providing a wide range of geeky merchandise for its entire history. Now, its website is coming to a close, with the company announcing that it will be folded into GameStop’s omnichannel platform within the next few weeks. The company notes that this will help to streamline the e-commerce platform further, while also placing it under the GameStop banner.

While the company statement contained a lot of industry jargon, it boils down to the fact that ThinkGeek is being consolidated under one brand name, which is GameStop, despite GameStop themselves struggling with their own retail issues. However, it’s not all bad news for fans of the retailer, as over 40 ThinkGeek stores are planned to remain open across the country; the brand will also continue to have its dedicated section within GameStop stores. is shutting down to become part of GameStop 3

Unfortunately, it seems that the selection of ThinkGeek products that will be available through both GameStop’s physical and e-commerce platforms may be much less than fans of the brand are used to.

The atmosphere and community that ThinkGeek helped to foster may, ultimately, be the real loss at hand here, since the brand excelled with its tongue in cheek style that was welcoming to both hardcore fans and newcomers alike. That doesn’t mean that its whimsical brand persona will be gone entirely, but it remains to be seen how much of it can be wedged between GameStop’s existing products.

The website is set to shut down on July 2nd permanently, and it’s currently holding a 50% off “moving sale” for fans looking to purchase their products for relatively cheap.

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