ZTE’s Blade V10 is an affordable yet premium phone with AI baked in

The Blade V10 has some of the most impressive selfie technology available

ZTE Blade V10
ZTE Blade V10

ZTE is announcing their new Blade V10, the company’s feature-rich smartphone that’s slated to hit the market in upcoming weeks. Boasting a 90% screen to body ratio with 2280 x 1080 full-HD resolution, ZTE claims the Blade V10 is build to bridge the gap between price and performance.

Behind the screen, you’ll discover a 2.1GHz octa-core processor and up to 4GB RAM, 64GB storage.

When it comes to camera tech, ZTE went all out. The main camera is a dual 16MP and 5MP setup, however, the selfie-camera has an impressive 32MP resolution as well as ZTE’s ‘smart selfie’ technology. Backed by AI, ‘smart selfie’ “is used to adjust and perfect selfies taken with the high megapixel camera to create high-quality photos, without losing details in a backlit or low-lit environment.” In addition, the “technology and can identify 300+ scenes in preview mode to intelligently adapt corresponding camera technology and capture the best shots.” This type of AI camera integration we have seen before from other phone manufacturers like Huawei and LG, but it has been mostly relegated to pricier, flagship devices.

The unique, ceramic-like housing is also worthy of mention. Using high-precision molds, ZTE was able to construct a one-of-a-kind exterior that’s comprised of multiple layers of porcelain.

ZTE’s Blade V10 (available in Black, Green, and Blue) is expected to launch in China and Europe in March, followed by a Latin America launch in April. It’s expected to be priced affordably.