Wingstop celebrates 4/20 with cannabis flavored chicken wings

Their Blazed and Glazed wings will be available for a few days only

The all-new Blazed and Glazed Cannabis inspired flavor by Wingstop
The all-new Blazed and Glazed Cannabis inspired flavor by Wingstop

For all the Cannabis lovers out there, If blazed and glazed is how you like your wings, you should stop by Wingstop’s come April 18th. 

Why you may ask? The aviation-themed restaurant chain is launching an all-new, 4/20-inspired flavor of wings that caters specifically to the taste buds of Cannabis enthusiasts.

What’s in Blazed and Glazed wings?

The all-new Blazed and Glazed wings. Available for a limited time.

The new flavor is prepared in such a way that it tastes just like 4/20. Blazed and Glazed is the result of bringing together a sprinkle of hemp seeds, aromatic terpenes, the essence of strawberry, and cayenne pepper.

The piquancy of it all is perhaps exactly what you’d be looking for while celebrating 4/20. Wingstop has gone so far as to state that the flavor “may even produce a mouth-tingling sensation”. Before you get excited though, we’d like to let you know that the flavor is not actually going to get you high, as it lacks THC.

Where can I get my Blazed and Glazed wings?

Since Wingstop’s limited-time flavor is being launched in honor of 4/20 lovers, it’s only available beginning from the 18th of April through the 22nd of the month.

You can get a hold of the wings until supplies last in restaurants across the country. You can even order it on the website or the Wingstop app should you wish it.

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