Most cannabis users are educated and female according to new study

A study by cannabis tech company Dutchie found that most cannabis users are ‘highly educated’

Most cannabis users are educated and female according to new study

Though more and more people around the world are supporting the legalization of cannabis use, the long-standing, negative stereotype that cannabis consumers are “dazed and confused” still exists. But according to a recent report by cannabis tech company Dutchie, most modern cannabis users are “highly educated.”

To have a better and more accurate understanding of today’s cannabis users, Dutchie conducted a study of 5,000 adult cannabis consumers from the U.S. and Canada, and the findings revealed that 54% of the respondents have a college degree or higher, and are more likely to participate in the workforce than the average American.

The study found that today’s cannabis consumers are not just stoners. They are successful and motivated people, including high-achieving doctors, lawyers, teachers, creatives, and even Olympic athletes and commentators.

Most cannabis users are educated and female according to new study 2

The report also busted the myth that cannabis users are sedentary slackers. According to the study, 58% of respondents are physically active and enjoy hiking and sports. Additionally, 57% described themselves as health-conscious. These people think cannabis is better for their health than alcohol or tobacco. Many of them even consider cannabis use as part of their health routine.

Interestingly, the study also found that modern cannabis users are predominantly female, suggesting that more women are using cannabis for relief from things like menstrual pain and to help them with sleep or stress.

Lastly, the report revealed that back-alley cannabis transactions have been replaced by legal and safe purchases of cannabis from trusted budtenders and online stores. According to the study, 55% of the respondents look to dispensaries for a safe and transparent cannabis purchase, while 24% prefer to shop online.

Overall, the study found that modern cannabis users are a diverse group of healthy, intelligent, and hardworking individuals ― far from the outdated and unfounded belief that they are sickly, incompetent, and worthless members of the community.

Source: CBD Business Newsletter
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