Win a PlayStation 4 Pro + a Visa gift card!

How would you like to win a PS4 Pro?

Win a PlayStation 4 Pro + a Visa gift card! 1

According to reports, Sony’s PS4 system has outperformed Microsoft’s Xbox One by some 56 million units with lifetime sales totaling 102 million and 46 million, respectively.

Throughout the life of the system, Sony has released several upgrades The latest, called the PS4 Pro, is the first to feature 4K support. Alongside the improved visuals, it also packs a 1TB HD and 2.13 GHz Octa-core AMD CPU.

This consumer opinion company is giving away a PS4 Pro. Rather than shell out $400 of your own hard-earned money, you can submit your email, answer a few questions and possibly receive a PS4 console for your participation. But the giving doesn’t stop there! In addition to the system, the giveaway also includes a Visa gift card. How sweet is that?!

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