Get rid of bacteria with this UV Light Sanitizer wand that’s currently 50% off

This portable lamp sanitizes phones, laptops, keys, and everything within reach in 20 seconds

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the practice of keeping oneself clean has been top priority. But even if you religiously keep your hands clean, your personal belongings might not be. Things like keys, phones, laptops, and even money are often overlooked when thinking about cleanliness. Soap and water is still the most highly recommended way of keeping bacteria away but you’ll find that you just can’t wash everything with it. Using alcohol and bleach (but not together!) are also effective in getting rid of bacteria but can be destructive on certain surfaces and materials.

It turns out that, one of the most effective and non-destructive ways to get rid of bacteria on objects is through the use of UV light. Science has proven that this method is extremely effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold among other disease-carrying matter.

This Light Sanitizer wand, in particular, is small and portable but houses a UV light configured to rid surfaces of bacteria. It only takes a mere 20 seconds for the UV light to clean and disinfect surfaces. And because of its design and size, you can sterilize almost anything within reach. There will barely be any size or shape limitation as the light is moved and directed by the user. It’s also not complicated to use in any way as it only houses a single power button.

The Light Sanitizer Wand is currently on sale and after its 50% off discount, it retails for $79.99.