UNO Party is the first UNO game created for large groups

UNO Party is designed for for up to 16 people

UNO Party card game

UNO believes that more is really merrier, so the world’s #1 card game has launched a brand-new game intended for large groups of fun-seekers.

What is UNO Party?

UNO Party is the first-ever UNO game designed for up to 16 people, making it the perfect activity to bond over during big group gatherings.

A group of people playing UNO Party

The UNO Party deck allows fans to enjoy the classic gameplay of UNO they know and love, plus special rules to make it even more exciting. The deck includes three new wild cards, which are as follows:

  1. Wild Drawn Together – Play this card to link two players who must draw cards every time their partner draws cards.
  2. Wild Pile Up – Players create a mini discard pile that circles the table – players must keep trying to match, and whoever can’t make a match must take the whole pile.
  3. Point Taken – When this card is played, players point at another person and everyone draws one card for every finger pointed at them.

UNO Party wild cards

UNO Party cards

UNO Party also includes a new Speed Play Rule, which is sure to excite players who can keep up. With Speed Play, players can play out of order and discard if their card matches both the number and color of the card on top of the discard pile. The play resumes with the last person who played.

​There’s also a Direction Tracker card in the deck, which helps keep track of the direction of the gameplay.

Where to buy UNO Party

Priced at $14.99, UNO Party is now available online at and in-store at Target locations across the United States.

Other new UNO games

The launch of UNO Party comes five months after the release of UNO Wild Twists and seven months after the release of UNO Ultimate.

Launched last May, UNO Wild Twists includes a standard 52-card deck plus eight special Wild Cards for optional crazy twists. It is the first UNO deck where players can play their favorite classic card games like Poker, Go Fish, and Gin Rummy – with the option to enjoy the wild twists and turns of UNO games that fans know and love with the special Wild Cards.

UNO Ultimate, meanwhile, was introduced last March. It plays just like classic UNO, but it comes with four card decks featuring the Marvel characters Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, and Captain Marvel. You get to choose one of these characters to play as and you get a special deck designed specifically for that character. Each character comes with their own special powers and Enemy/Event cards to introduce new scenarios to the game, giving players two ways to win.

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