Tori Spelling is combatting plastic waste with a nostalgic 90’s Sodastream model

The 90210 actress has partnered with Sodastream to tackle single-use plastic

90’s nostalgia is in full force these days, which is something that SodaStream is looking to capitalize on. The sparkling water brand has partnered with 90210 actress Tori Spelling to create a ’90s-inspired Sodastream model. The new product features a nostalgia-driven design that features a reusable SodaStream bottle that comes with a variety of water flavors.

Speaking about the partnership and the design of the product, Tori Spelling noted:

“Some of my favorite memories, trends and inspiration come from the ’90s. I’m thrilled to have partnered up with SodaStream to create this stylish ’90s inspired product with the higher purpose of raising awareness about the issue of single-use plastic waste.”

SodaStream has noted that their customers drink more sparkling water than the majority of non-users; according to a study, users of their devices drink up to 43% more water. While doing so, they end up using fewer plastic bottles, that’s not just good for the environment, but it also helps them save money.

The company has noted that the increasing popularity of 90’s nostalgia has even provided an opportunity to overcome the rise of single-use plastic. Matti Yahav, Chief Marketing Officer for the firm, said:

“We saw the ’90s style taking over and wanted to celebrate this cool decade but also remind people that not all trends should make a comeback. Let’s leave single-use plastic waste in our past.”

The new Sodastream model is a limited edition product and will be available for a short time only with a price tag of $90.