20 surprising things that are dirtier than a toilet seat

You thought that your toilet was the dirtiest thing in your house? You’re wrong!

Things that are dirtier than a toilet seat

The toilet is obviously not the most hygienic part of the house. Even if you clean it, the bacterial residue still lives on it. However, if you thought that the loo is the dirtiest thing in your home, then you’ve been fooled. It’s actually the most unexpected household items that house colonies and colonies of unseen bacteria.

This isn’t meant to scare you into panic-disinfecting your house (which on second thought, wouldn’t hurt, because, you know: COVID…), but we want people to be aware of the things that might need a little bit of extra TLC when being cleaned. Trust us, once you find out, you’ll never look at these items the same way ever again. Read on to discover which inconspicuous household items could out-gross your toilet on the dirt-o-meter.

#1 Cleaning rags

20 surprising things that are dirtier than a toilet seat 14
Image credit: Pexels, Karolina Grabowska

From the term “cleaning rag” alone, you should know that this piece of fabric is in charge of wiping things, including countertops and other surfaces. And they are far from clean!

Cleaning rags or cloths can contain 6 times more bacteria than your toilet’s flush handle, and if you let that sink it, it’s totally gross. Wet cloth has all the essential components for attracting bacteria. They insulate heat, humidity, and organic residue from food. So, this is a sign from the universe: wash your cleaning rags in a washing machine on a cycle setting and then let them dry in the dryer.