The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 sports a QLED display

It’s using the same display technology found on Samsung TVs

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 sports a QLED display 1

Ahead of CES 2021 next week, Samsung is introducing a slew of new devices ranging from smart home appliances to a new version of The Frame TV, and more. Among these devices is the announcement of a brand new Chromebook, the Galaxy Chromebook 2, which is the world’s first laptop with QLED.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The Galaxy Chromebook 2 is the company’s newest 2-in-1 device that prides itself in offering a lightweight design, and quality performance, at an affordable price. But what is especially notable about this device is that this Chrome OS-powered laptop houses the world’s first QLED display. This is the same kind of QLED technology that can be found on Samsung’s premium TVs. The previous Galaxy Chromebook was able to offer up to a 4K AMOLED display and we’ll hopefully be seeing the same resolution, if not better, on this new generation.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2

While not much has been disclosed on the internal specs of the new Galaxy Chromebook 2, we can assume it will continue on some of the features found on its predecessor, including support for the Chromebook pen. It will also, of course, natively offer common Google apps such as Google Assistant, Google Meet, and more.

The Chromebook 2 is expected to retail for around $550, which is nearly half the price of its predecessor.

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