LEGO Eiffel tower is the tallest LEGO set ever

The LEGO Eiffel tower set comprises of 10,001 pieces

LEGO Eiffel Tower
The LEGO Eiffel Tower is the tallest LEGO set to date

The LEGO Group has unveiled the LEGO Eiffel tower set, a mammoth replica of Paris’ iconic tower which is specially designed for LEGO fans who are 18+ and love travel and architecture. The LEGO Eiffel tower is also the tallest LEGO set ever created.

The Eiffel tower, which was constructed between 1887 to 1889, is an architectural masterpiece that has become one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

According to the LEGO Group, the architectural and engineering feats achieved in building the Eiffel tower inspired Lego’s tallest build yet.

LEGO Eiffel Tower
The LEGO Eiffel tower set is made up of 10,001 bricks

The LEGO Eiffel tower set is made up of 10,001 pieces of LEGO bricks, which are assembled to create an authentic replica that is 58.5 inches (149 cm) high, 22.5 inches (57 cm) wide and 22.5 inches (57 cm) deep.

To simplify the building process, LEGO says fans can build the tower in four separate sections before stacking them together and displaying the tower in their homes.

LEGO Eiffel Tower
The top side view of the LEGO Eiffel Tower set

Promotional photos released by LEGO depict a highly-detailed Eiffel tower replica. LEGO claims it closely followed the structural principles of the real Eiffel tower in designing and constructing the Eiffel tower set, which is why it includes the Eiffel tower’s stunning truss-work, landscaping, elevators, three observation platforms, an office at the top, a broadcast tower and a French flag at the top.

LEGO Eiffel Tower
Image courtesy: LEGO

LEGO Eiffel Tower Set availability and pricing

The LEGO Eiffel Tower will be available at LEGO Stores and at starting from November 25, 2022 for $629.99.

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