Taika Waititi trashes Apple’s keyboards during Oscar speech

“It makes me want to go back to PCs.”

Taika Waititi trashes Apple's keyboards during Oscar speech 1
Image credit: Variety

When reporters asked Taika Waititi his thoughts on what writers should ask for as they negotiate a new agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), he told them “Apple needs to fix those keyboards. They are impossible to write on — they’ve gotten worse… The WGA needs to step in and actually do something.”

The multifaceted filmmaker was honored with his first Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at last night’s ceremony. During his exchange with the media, Waititi explained that he suffers from RSI, “a potentially debilitating condition resulting from overusing the hands to perform a repetitive task, such as typing.” Waititi says his condition, coupled with Apple’s poorly designed keyboard makes him “want to go back to PCs. Because PC keyboards, the bounce-back for your fingers is way better.”

As many have pointed out, it’s unclear whether he’s talking about the previous-gen MacBook Pro with the “shallow butterfly” mechanism, or the current-gen MBP, which features a wholly redesigned keyboard. In any case, he’s not the only one who shares this sentiment. Hopefully, Apple is listening.

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