SPY x FAMILY is being turned into an anime

SPY x FAMILY’s popularity has grown exponentially, with over 3 million copies in circulation reported as of May

A lot of anime got their start in Japan’s weekly manga anthology, Shōnen Jump, so it’s no surprise that Tatsuya Endo’s SPY x FAMILY is reportedly getting its own anime adaptation.

Despite only debuted last year, the popularity of SPY x FAMILY has grown exponentially, with over 3 million copies in circulation reported as of May. However, sources say that the anime production still may well be into the future. Twitter user YonkouProductions, who has successfully reported past anime adaptations before their official announcement, tweeted that the SPY x FAMILY anime adaption will still be “a while away.”

It should be taken into consideration that while probable, this is not an announcement by an official outlet or source. Though with manga from Shōnen Jump often being translated to anime, plus the immense popularity of SPY x FAMILY, the transition to a TV anime series is the logical next step for the title. Also considering it’s currently being released bi-weekly, the manga may not even have enough material to produce enough episodes for a complete season as an anime. That ties in well into the assumption that it will be some time before the anime production actually starts.

SPY x FAMILY focuses on the life and adventures of super spy, Twilight. His life suddenly changes when he’s given a mission where he has to build a family to get the information asked of him. He disguises himself as Loid Forger and adopts a young girl, Anya Forger, as his child. He enrolls her in a prestigious school not knowing that she possesses mind-reading abilities. He also gets a wife, Yor Forger, who is actually a skilled assassin named Thorn Princess. Unbeknownst to both Yor and Twilight, Anya’s special powers makes her the only one who actually knows everything about this fake family.