Spotify Hi-Fi offers CD-quality lossless music streams

Spotify Hi-Fi will roll-out sometime this year as an add-on

Spotify Hi-Fi offers CD-quality lossless music streams 2

“We make music that we (we) want to be heard in the way that it was made” says singer-songwriter Billie Eilish during the recent Spotify Stream On. During the live stream event, which was graced by other artists alongside Eilish, Spotify announced that it will soon support high-quality streaming through Spotify Hi-Fi.

Spotify says that high-quality music streaming has been a feature that’s frequently requested by its users. With Spotify Hi-Fi, users will be able to stream “CD-quality, lossless audio” from their devices or through Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. To make this possible, Spotify says they will be collaborating with some of the world’s biggest speaker manufactures to make this technology easily accessible to its users.

Spotify Hi-Fi offers CD-quality lossless music streams 3

FINNEAS, Eilish’s older brother who is also a music producer and songwriter, discussed hi-fi music alongside his sister during Stream On and expressed that listener experience was the most important for them in creating music.“Anytime anyone really takes time to sit down with our music and listen to it in a really high-quality way it’s very exciting because I know they are hearing everything that we intended them to,” says FINNEAS.

Spotify Hi-Fi aims to not only bring high-quality streams to its users but also help artists to bring their music to their listeners as intended — including all the tiny details and touches that make their music more meaningful.

Spotify Hi-Fi will roll out in select markets within the year as an add-on.

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