Sony ZV-1M2 makes vlogging more affordable – and wider

The Sony ZV-1M2 camera offers features that simplify vlogging

Sony ZV-1M2
Sony ZV-1M2 helps vloggers produce pro-level videos with minimal effort

Sony has launched the new Sony ZV-1M2 camera which was designed specifically for vloggers and content creators. Sony says it has implemented new features in the camera to make it easier for vloggers and content creators to produce content with a professional appearance.

One of the unique features you can expect from the Sony ZV-1M2 is an 18mm wide-angle lens that expands the field of view so that content creators can capture and share more of the surrounding scene. The lens also allows vloggers to create the appearance of distance from the camera when in tight spaces, effectively being able to include their friends in the scene while shooting at arm’s length.

The camera also has features like background defocus, which creates a bokeh effect with the click of a button; multiple face recognition, which automatically adjusts camera functions and bokeh when multiple people enter the scene to ensure they are all in focus; and a product showcase setting which automatically toggles auto-focus settings to highlight products instead of faces, enabling creators to shoot professional product reviews.

Furthermore, the new Sony ZV-1M2 will have a Face Priority autoexposure setting which detects changes in environmental lighting conditions and auto-adjusts the brightness on the subject’s face, cinematic vlog settings which can be activated with a single click, and electronic image stabilization to keep footage steady when creators are on the move and need to create content wherever they are.

Asides from these settings, Sony announced the typical features you would expect from a camera within their lineup, such as up to 4K 30p footage, a 3-directional mic with a windscreen, a USB-C port, a microphone, and headphone jack, a vari-angle LCD touchscreen, and accessibility features like a screen reader for visually impaired creators and a focus magnifier.

Introducing vlog camera ZV-1 II | Sony

Sony ZV-1M2 pricing

The Sony ZV-1M2 will retail for $899 and should be available soon.

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