Sonos Sub Mini is a compact subwoofer with a cylindrical design

The Sonos Sub Mini doesn’t look like a typical subwoofer

Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer
The Sonos Sub Mini subwoofer doesn't look like a typical subwoofer at all

Sonos has unveiled a compact subwoofer called the Sub Mini, and it’s designed for small and medium-sized rooms.

The device measures just 12-inches in height and 9-inches in diameter, making it more compact than typical subwoofers. Its cylindrical shape also gives it a unique appearance compared to other subwoofers, which are typically square-shaped and bland looking.

According to Sonos, the design was chosen to allow the Sub Mini to blend in with a typical home aesthetic – not to mention that it matches the Sonos One and Sonos’ overall minimalist aesthetic too.

Sonos Sub Mini in white
Sonos Sub Mini in white

Despite its relatively compact size, the Sub Mini packs in dual 6-inch woofers that face inwards to reduce distortion and enhance bass.

The Sonos Sub Mini features a center tunnel design that moves air in a way that maximizes the bass output. This unique design promises to produce a balanced sound, the kind that you would expect from a much larger subwoofer. It has also been engineered to neutralize rattle and distortion, which is something that even the most expensive subwoofers tend to struggle with. 

And of course, the Sub Mini is wireless – it utilizes a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection to provide users with a seamless connectivity experience.

The Sonos app course allows for advanced audio management, including Trueplay tuning technology that measures the room’s acoustics and optimizes the sound to match the space.

Sonos recommends that users pair the Sub Mini with their Sonos Beam, Ray, One, One SL, or Sonos soundbar.

Sonos sub mini
The Sonos Sub Mini is designed especially for small and medium-sized rooms

Sonos Sub Mini vs Sonos Sub

If you’re looking for a subwoofer that’s more suitable for larger-sized rooms and higher volumes, Sonos will continue to offer their larger Sonos Sub. The Sonos Sub pairs well with their Arc, Beam, Five, and Amp.

Sonos Sub Mini availability

The Sub Mini will be available to U.S. customers starting October 6th for $429 at

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