Go on a shopping spree, and we’ll guess who your favorite BTS member is

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BTS is composed of seven superstars who each bring a unique quality to the group. While each member is undeniably talented and charming, most ARMYs do have a favorite member that stands out the most to them.

Do you love RM for his impressive bilingual skills, songwriting ingenuity, and leadership qualities? Or do you admire Jin for his worldwide handsome face, kind demeanor, and charismatic humor? Perhaps you adore Suga for his brilliant song production abilities and rap prowess. Could it be J-Hope’s electrifying dance moves and sunny persona that has captivated you? What about Jimin’s breathtaking jazz moves and extraordinary vocals? Were you one of the people enchanted by V’s ethereal beauty and spellbinding stage presence? Or was it Jungkook’s unparalleled falsettos and dreamy doe eyes that has mesmerized you?

Don’t tell us which one of these statements you agree with, because we’ll guess who your favorite is based on your shopping spree picks!

  • Question of

    Pick your shoes:

    • Converse
    • Sparkly ankle boots
    • Stilettos
    • Disruptors
    • Chelsea Boots
    • Brogues
    • Combat Boots
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    Pick your airport outfit:

    • Denim shorts and a crop top
    • Big comfy sweater
    • Summer dress with a wide-brimmed hat
    • Super extra co-ord
    • Incognito Glam
    • Parisian School Girl Flair
    • Monoblock Black
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    Pick your eyewear:

    • Rectangular
    • Heart sunglasses
    • Wayfarers
    • Clubmaster
    • Round
    • Cateye
    • Aviators
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    Which of these will be your arm candy?

    • Watch and friendship bracelets
    • Gold Watch
    • Watch and chain link bracelet
    • Bead Bracelet
    • Bangle
    • Red Thread of Fate (The invisible red thread that connects soulmates)
    • Statement bracelet bunch
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    What’s your shopping style?

    • I’ll go to the mall and try on everything. It will take me hours to decide what I want to buy.
    • If I see something I like, I’ll just buy it in every color. No need to try it on. If I like it, I like it.
    • I’ll go for sensible kinds of clothes. I prefer comfy attire.
    • I’m heading straight for the bling section. Gotta shine.
    • I need more boots and leather belts. So, you know where to find me.
    • Please point me in the direction of the beret department. Thank you.
    • If I buy black combat boots, I need to find matching cargo pants and oversized sweaters too.
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    Do you prefer to shop with friends, family, with the help of a stylist or alone?

    • I like to go alone. It gives me time to really focus on what I need to buy.
    • I’ll go with friends or family as long as they don’t tell me what to buy or how to dress. I do not want a makeover.
    • Alone.
    • I like being surrounded by family and friends, so I’ll take everyone with me. They can help me decide what looks best on me.
    • I like inviting my best friend to go shopping with me. We have a twin bond when it comes to fashion.
    • I enjoy taking my family and friends shopping. It’s a great opportunity to give them all makeovers!
    • I don’t really mind whether I’m alone or with friends, as long as we can hit the snackbar after a long exhausting day of shopping.
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    Describe your personal style:

    • Laid back and casual. I often wear Converse sneakers or sandals.
    • Relaxed yet beautiful. I wear what I want. Don’t judge me.
    • Athletic wear is my go-to style.
    • I like color!
    • Sleek and stylish.
    • If it looks mod and Parisian, I’ll wear it. I’m always fashion forward.
    • E-boy / E-girl. I dress really cool.
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    What was your favorite style era of BTS?

    • Save Me
    • Fake Love
    • DNA
    • Dynamite
    • Love Yourself
    • On
    • No More Dream
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    What song would you blast from the speakers while getting ready for the day?

    • Circles by Post Malone
    • Dynamite by BTS
    • Who Run the World by Beyonce
    • Walking On Sunshine by Aly and AJ
    • Havana by Camila Cabello
    • Vogue by Madonna
    • Love Me by Justin Bieber
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    What pieces of clothing or accessories do you splurge the most on?

    • Sunglasses
    • Jackets and sweaters
    • Ripped jeans
    • Bags
    • Shoes
    • Hats
    • Belts
  • Question of

    Which season matches your style the most?

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • I don’t really have a preference
    • Spring
    • Autumn
    • My style evolves with every season
    • Winter and Autumn
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    You’re at an event and you accidentally spilled iced tea all over your new outfit. What do you do?

    • I’ll wipe it off with the table cloth or a napkin.
    • I’ll head straight to the bathroom to clean it up. I hate a mess.
    • Well, I guess it’s time to go home now.
    • Spills are normal when you’re having fun. I’ll ask my friends to help me clean up.
    • I’ll hide it under my purse or stay seated, so no one notices.
    • I always have a spare outfit in my car, so no problem. Now, I have an excuse to show off both my ensembles.
    • I’d smile at the people who saw it and laugh it off. No big deal.
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    Pick a hat that would perfectly accentuate your crown of beauty:

    • Beanie
    • Baseball Cap
    • Wide brimmed bucket hat
    • Knit Winter Hat
    • Fedora
    • Beret
    • Bucket Hat
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    Describe your style in one word.

    • Smart
    • Casual
    • Laidback
    • Shiny
    • Sleek
    • Ethereal
    • Cool
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    During a shopping spree, which colors do you gravitate to?

    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Black
    • Red
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Purple
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    If you were a pair of socks, which one of these would you be?

    • Cool Varsity Socks
    • Quirky Christmas Socks
    • Classic Black Socks
    • Cheerful Rainbow Socks
    • Elegant Pattern Tights
    • Awesome Batman Socks
    • Cute Bunny Socks
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    Choose your bag:

    • Fanny pack
    • Tote Bag
    • Backpack
    • Floral Woven Bag
    • Bucket Backpack
    • Classic Leather Shoulder Bag
    • Weekender Bag
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    What do you like to do after a long day of shopping?

    • I like to sip on coffee at an outdoor cafe with a good book.
    • I like to eat right after shopping, if I still have enough energy to chew. If not, I’m going straight home because my back hurts from all that shopping.
    • Sleep. I like to sleep after shopping.
    • I like to cap off shopping trips with a night of random strolling through the city.
    • Karaoke night with the squad! Or a movie night!
    • I’m going to dine at a restaurant with my friends while we watch the sun set.
    • Shopping sprees always work in combination with ice cream. If there is no ice cream, there is no point. Or the arcade. The arcade is cool.
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    Would you let your friends give you a style makeover?

    • I’m alright with my current style, but I’m game for a little change.
    • I don’t need to change my style. You can’t force me. JUST NO.
    • I don’t have the energy for this.
    • Yay! Let’s give each other makeovers!
    • Yes, I accept!
    • I’ll be the one giving a makeover. Otherwise, no deal.
    • But I like my style… *Pout*
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    Most people love getting their nails done in between their shopping trips, especially if they’re attending a special event soon. What’s your nail art style?

    • Love art nails
    • Color Pop Nails
    • Green Leaf Nails
    • Orange Nails
    • Platinum Gold Nails
    • Brown Glitter and Matte Nails
    • Matte Aubergine Nails
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    If you could go on an unlimited shopping spree in any city right now, which one would you choose?

    • New York, USA
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Mexico City
    • Valletta, Malta
    • Paris, France
    • Rome, Italy
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    What is your favorite fashion-themed movie or TV series?

    • Gossip Girl
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Project Runway
    • Rupaul’s Drag Race
    • Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style
    • America’s Next Top Model
    • 100% Hotter
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    In your opinion, what is the most essential closet staple?

    • Jean shorts
    • Ripped Jeans
    • Hoodies
    • Bags
    • Flowy tops
    • Hats
    • Cargo pants
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    What is your favorite apparel/jewelry brand?

    • Fila
    • Balenciaga
    • Cartier
    • Supreme
    • YSL
    • Gucci
    • H&M
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    Okay, you’re attending a super sophisticated party! Which dress are you donning?

    • A white mermaid gown. It’s elegant and timeless.
    • A midnight Glitter Gown, because I have to sparkle.
    • A Sabrina Neckline Princess gown. There is an understated glamour to it and involves minimal fuss.
    • A red A-Line gown. You can never go wrong with a fiery red dress. The color alone is enough to catch attention.
    • Salmon Chiffon gown. I’m a pixie.
    • A dramatic French tulle gown. Because I like drama. I like French, and I like tulle.
    • An emerald green gown with detached sleeves. I like gowns that pack a tough punch. Nothing too girly for me, please.