Samsung releases free fitness classes for their Smart TVs

The workouts are available on-demand

Samsung releases free fitness classes for their Smart TVs 1

Samsung has announced that a handful of health and fitness apps will be added to Samsung Smart TVs around the world. Starting today, select Samsung TV models will have access to six new health and wellness apps. And these aren’t your regular everyday apps, Samsung has partnered with various leading fitness apps to give its customers alternative options for effective and curated workouts at a time when most people are in lockdown.

There will be over 5,000 hours of content across over 250 videos that users can access for free from the six new apps Samsung will be offering. These are barre3, Calm, Echelon, Fitplan, Jillian Micheals Fitness, and obé Fitness.

Samsung Smart TV models from 2018 to present will be the only ones eligible to access the new content. Access to the apps will depend on the user’s Smart TV model and country but will automatically be available later on in the year for all 2020 Samsung Smart TV models as part of Samsung Health.

2018 models, starting today, will have access to barre3, Echelon, Jillian Michaels Fitness, and obé Fitness. 2019 models will have access to the aforementioned apps plus two more additional apps: Fitplan and Calm.

Announced earlier this year, Samsung Health is the company’s proprietary fitness platform that offers viable alternatives to traditional exercise and fitness routines. The workouts are available on-demand, meaning users won’t have to wait for a specific schedule for the class like they normally would in a gym or studio.

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