Samsung is canceling customers’ Galaxy Fold orders

Buyers need to confirm their wish to proceed with their orders otherwise

Samsung is canceling customers' Galaxy Fold orders 1
Photo credit: Todd Hassleton via Twitter

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold hasn’t been doing too well lately. Now reports are coming in that existing orders for the device are going to get canceled unless the customers who placed the orders say otherwise.

Everything started all fine and dandy for Samsung and the Galaxy Fold, as it managed to wow many of those who tuned in to its quick showcase at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked Event. It was introduced alongside the Galaxy S10 series of phones. Fast forward to now, however, and things aren’t looking so good.

Early review units of the device showed signs of failure, particularly to the screen, its main feature. Samsung has now reportedly decided to cancel orders for it, presumably in an attempt to prevent further damage to the brand.

It is said that the company has sent out emails to customers who have placed orders for the Galaxy Fold, and in it, they acknowledged that certain issues have been happening with review units sent out to the press. As such, it will just cancel all orders unless they are asked not to.

For those who want to know when exactly the Galaxy Fold is going to arrive at this point, Samsung can’t give a clear answer. All that they are doing for now is offering those who placed orders to cancel at any time before the device’s release date. However, the company has also stated that buyers need to confirm their commitment to their order, or else it will be canceled at the end of the month.

The Galaxy Fold is certainly one of the more innovative smartphones to come out as of late. No doubt, many people are eager to see it in person. Perhaps this move is for the better, however. Better get the product right first instead of risking the brand’s reputation.

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