Samsung announces free PlayersTV sports channel

Samsung hopes that this new channel will provide a replacement for live sports events that were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Samsung and Players Media Group have come together to announce the launch of a new channel which will be made exclusive to Samsung’s free TV video service, Samsung TV Plus. The new PlayersTV will join over 100 other free channels that can instantly be accessed on Samsung TV Plus. This new network is described as being “at the intersection of sports, culture, and lifestyle” and will include not just sports but also lifestyle content from professional athletes.

First announced during the last NBA All-Star Weekend in February, PlayersTV aims to delve deeper into athletes’ lives to help them further connect with fans and audiences. This new channel will showcase different athletes’ passions and interestest as well as their “off-the-field pursuits.” Samsung believes that the content PlayersTV will deliver is a “natural fit for a lean-back, linear viewing experience” and will provide a space to learn more about the lives of different professional athletes.

“Athletes are producing great content but getting it into the hands of our fans has been an issue for athletes across sport,” says NBA player Chris Paul, “PlayersTV was developed to tackle that issue head-on. It will be a hub where fans from around the world can access our content and provides us with the opportunity as creators to support each other,”

Apart from the actual games, PlayersTV will also deliver content with a lifestyle angle which will feature different athletes from different sports. Some of the shows users can look forward to are WTF Baron Davis, a comedy series starring Baron Davis, Most Valuable Partner, a reality show where entrepreneurs pitch ideas to professional athletes, and Mindful Life with DeAndre Jordan, which follows the life of professional basketball player DeAndre Jordan.

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Samsung and Players Media Group hopes that this new channel will provide a replacement for live sports events that were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samsung TV Plus is available for free on all 2016-2020 Samsung Smart TV models. PlayersTV can be found on channel 1003 and is available now.