Dive into style with these fin-tastic Shark Week shoes

These water-friendly clogs are specially made for Shark Week enthusiasts

Rugged Shark x Shark Week shoes

The footwear brand Rugged Shark is celebrating this year’s Shark Week with a new line of Shark Week shoes.

What is Rugged Shark’s new line of Shark Week shoes?

Called Shark Week x Rugged Shark footwear collection, this range of shoes features water-friendly clogs that come in seven different shark-inspired styles for men, women, and kids. Created in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, these Shark Week shoes delivers exceptional quality, durability, and water-ready style that customers have come to expect from Rugged Shark footwear.

Shark Week x Rugged Shark footwear collection
Shark Week x Rugged Shark footwear collection

All shoes in the collection are lightweight EVA clogs that feature all-over eye-catching prints and are water safe and buoyant for any-weather fun. The swivel strap of each clog can be worn around the ankle for a sporty fit or over the midfoot for a traditional clog fit. The Sport Gills at the sides of the clogs promote breathability and drainage and are also perfect for any clog charms to achieve a personalized appearance. Lastly, the tire-inspired tread cuts of these Shark Week shoes cut through water, puddles, and outdoor surfaces, giving the wearer a stable stride.

The launch of these Shark Week shoes is part of the 35th-anniversary celebration of Shark Week this July.

Where to buy Shark Week x Rugged Shark shoes?

These Shark Week shoes are now available for purchase exclusively at Walmart stores across the United States. Prices for the Shark Week shoes range from $12.98 to $14.98, offering Shark Week fans an affordable opportunity to express their love for sharks and the ocean.

What is Shark Week?

Shark Week is an annual, week-long television programming block on the Discovery Channel that features shark-based programming. It originally premiered on July 17, 1988, and has been running every year since then, except for 2000.

The original intention of the Discovery Channel for Shark Week was to promote the conservation of sharks and to raise awareness about the many misconceptions people have about sharks. Interestingly, over time, Shark Week has become more of a cultural phenomenon, with viewers tuning in for the exciting and often-times outrageous programming.

In recent years, Shark Week has expanded to include a variety of different programming, including documentaries, miniseries, specials, and even reality TV shows. There have also been a number of celebrity guests featured on Shark Week, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Gad.

Shark Week is now one of the most popular annual television events, and it has helped to raise awareness about sharks and their importance to the ocean ecosystem. It has also helped to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions that people have about sharks.

Why was there no Shark Week in 2000?

There was no Shark Week in 2000 because Discovery Channel was experimenting with a different programming block called Shark Week Uncaged. Although this block featured one special called Jurassic Shark, which was about an extinct giant shark, this TV show had nothing to do with the official Shark Week programming block.

The reason why Discovery Channel decided to experiment with a different programming block in 2000 is not clear. However, it is possible that they were trying to see if there was an audience for a different type of Shark Week programming.

Apparently, the experiment was not successful because Shark Week Uncaged was not renewed for a second year. In 2001, Shark Week returned to its original format, and it has been running every year since then.

When is Shark Week in 2023?

Shark Week 2023

Shark Week will start on Sunday, July 23, at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel. Hosted by Jason Momoa, Shark Week 2023 will also be available to stream on Max. Watch the teaser for this year’s Shark Week below:

Shark Week is BACK with Host Jason Momoa | Shark Week 2023
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