Roast beef-scented bath salts is now a thing

Whatever you do, please don’t eat the stuff

Typically speaking, roast beef sandwiches and therapeutic bath salts have nothing in common, but this company decided to combine the two things into one product.

What they’ve created is roast beef-scented bath salts. Yup! It’s not a joke (unfortunately).

Gears Out, the company behind the wacky creation, says its beef-scented bath salt concoction is manufactured using premium ‘Mediterranean sea salts’, brown sugar, and fig. While the smell of brown sugar and fig doesn’t scream roast beef to me, Gear Out says that’s exactly what it smells like when added to a bath.

And don’t lie, as repulsive as it may sound, there’s a voice in the back of your head saying ‘I’d like to try that’.

The company says its 23oz bag of ‘soothing bath crystals’ is the perfect gag gift. But whatever you do, please don’t eat the stuff – it’s not edible.

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Source: Geekologie