Ramen pizza is a real thing and it looks surprisingly tasty

Forget the chopsticks ― it’s the first ramen to be consumed by hand

Ramen pizza is a real thing and it looks surprisingly tasty 1

Pizza Hut Taiwan has a new addition to its growing list of wild pizza mashups, and it’s something that ramen lovers would probably be happy to try.

Called ramen pizza, this food mashup is co-created by Pizza Hut Taiwan and Menya Musashi Taiwan, a popular ramen restaurant chain from Tokyo. Utilizing a thin base, this unique pizza variant is topped with almost every single ingredient found in a Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone soup ramen), including thick wheat noodles, char siu roast pork, bamboo shoots, red chili peppers, green onions, cheese, and half of an ajitsuke tamago soft boiled egg.

Ramen pizza will be available in-store in all Pizza Hut locations in Taiwan starting June 30th. Online presale for the new menu item has already started last June 23rd. A single ramen pizza costs 459 TWD (15.5 USD) while its combo set is priced at 1,059 TWD (35.78 USD).

Ramen pizza is a real thing and it looks surprisingly tasty 2
Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Ramen Pizza
Ramen pizza is a real thing and it looks surprisingly tasty 3
Menya Musashi’s Tonkotsu Ramen

Ramen pizza is the latest addition to Pizza Hut Taiwan’s WOW Product Series, which is a nod to Taiwan’s love for Japanese culture. “We called it WOW Product Series which means you never expect to have these toppings served on pizza but taste so great. It adds fun to your pizza moment,” Pizza Hut marketing director Lily Chou told CNN.

In addition to ramen pizza, the WOW Product Series also includes sweet matcha pizza. Released last March 2020, the said pizza had matcha, red bean and mochi as toppings.

In the past few years, Pizza Hut Taiwan also released durian pizza, bubble tea pizza, and stinky tofu pizza. The last two are part of the restaurant chain’s previous Best of Taiwan Street Food Series.

“Taiwanese consumers live a high-pressure life with long working hours and high cost of living. The creative food scene has become an exciting and creative escape. Taiwanese are looking for quick moments of joy to relieve daily pressures,” explained Chou of why pizza mashups and other novel food items are a big hit in Taiwan.

Unsurprisingly, Pizza Hut isn’t the only pizza restaurant chain in Taiwan that has launched unusual pizza variants. Last November, Domino’s Pizza Taiwan also launched its own version of bubble tea pizza, which is topped with black sugar pearls, honey, and cheese.

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